Welcome to my digital temple for soulful, conscious & creative entrepreneurs from all over the world. This is where I help you demystify spiritual wisdom and bring you over a decade of experience in the 3 transformative k’s. Kinesiology, Counselling & Kundalini Yoga. (oh ok – 2 k’s and a c!).

You believe in the transformational power of energy medicine, but more so in the practical elements of embodied wisdom. You’re here because you want to make a difference in the world and you don’t want your legacy to be marred by old outdated stories based on grief, guilt, exhaustion, shame or fear.

It’s my mission to help you align with your divine, light up your potential and shine brightly in the world. I want to help you see that you are so worthy. So valuable. And so needed in this world.

And I bet this aint your first spiritual rodeo – you’re likely already familiar with self-development courses. And while you admire the bikini clad yogi who posts pics of themselves contorting into pretzels on Instagram – that’s not really what yoga is for you.

You’re probably a multi passionate visionary who has a busy schedule, and somewhere along the way while you were busy holding the space for everyone else, your own energy balance got a little skewed. I want to support you to “go there” so that you can easily fulfill your life purpose in ALL aspects of your world.

Patty Kikos Reiki 1 Training


After 4 attunements, Reiki 1 helps you energise & heal yourself, others, animals, plants, trees and water via your hands like  portable first aid kit!

Patty Kikos Reiki 1 Training


Patty is a facilitator of change to help you reprogram your cellular memory so that you accelerate positive changes in your personal & professional life.

Sydney Wedding Celebrant | Wedding Celebrant Sydney


Patty’s sunny disposition & soulful way of holding the space makes her one of Sydney’s most sought after wedding celebrants for over 10 years.

Patty Kikos Reiki 1 Training


In Reiki 2, you are given 3 sacred symbols that can then be used to strengthen emotional pain, send absentee healing, as well as healing past events.


with Patty Kikos


12.15 – 2.45

Together we’ll share transformative
kundalini yoga and meditation that
will help you release stress and rejuvenate
your nervous system. Open
to all levels & personality types.

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Beautiful Boundaries in 6 Easy Steps

Good morning my lovely friend, how was your weekend? On Friday, RuRu my little ball of feisty fluff had an operation, and on Saturday I facilitated a Reiki 1 Training Day so I really enjoyed a day in the sun during this epic false spring that we’re having in Sydney....

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wanna read the nice things they say about me?

Trying to describe Patty Kikos is like trying to pin down a force of nature. Where does one start? During my sessions with Patty over the years, I have been able to move mental, emotional and spiritual mountains, shifted unhealthy boundaries and discovered my truth. She played a pivotal role in my learning how to hold my space unapologetically, no mean feat considering where I’d started. Thank you, Patty, for your consistent sensitivity, strength and intuitive guidance. The journey isn’t over yet!


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Patty facilitated 1:1 chakra balancing sessions and I have to say the changes I have experienced have been phenomenal.   I didn’t really know what to expect as I hadn’t practised kundalini yoga before, and it is truly a powerful, energy based yoga. Patty’s sessions have left me feeling more centred, energised and confident of my true path. Thank you Patty


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