Thanksgiving – Why Are You Grateful?

Many of my friends in the U.S. are celebrating Thanksgiving and eventhough its not a traditional Australian custom, some recent events in my life have shown me how grateful I am for so many blessings in my life.

Whilst lamenting my first world problem of braving a light drizzle when walking to the yoga studio I teach at (which is a mere 15 minute walk from my office), I had a profound wake up call. My car had broken down for the 3rd time in a month and not only did my mechanic fit me in the day before he left to go on holidays, but while walking through the familiar streets of Newtown, I ended up chatting to a friend that had just been diagnosed with cancer.

Her brave and cheery disposition snapped me right out of my self-induced pity. I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the level of awareness that is steadily increasing in our society today and for the wonderful people that surround me in a bubble of love, support and inspiration in my life. I decided to go and ask some of them what they are grateful for and this is what they said:

Mum and Dad

“Im grateful that you and your brother aren’t adding any more tattoos to your bodies. Oh and that you’re both alive and happy.”

Patrick – a dear friend with a Phd in Pure Mathematics

“Living in this point in history and for the accessible amount of coffee in my life”

Ana Iñigo Olea – a free spirited bohemian that travels the world creating art

“…. for being awake…. for being able to see beyond what eyes can see. For understanding that since we are all connected we are never alone. That gives me peace and makes me brave to move on, I just realized, while writing this for you that this might be what they meant back in the days with the walking on water miracle, not being afraid of sinking. That’s what I am grateful for.”

My Chief Advisor – name withheld 

I’m grateful for my ability to find a way through my dark times

I’m grateful for being resilient

I’m grateful for the beautiful people that I attract into my life

I’m grateful for my gifts/abilities to share with others and most importantly apply to myself

I’m grateful that I remember to look at the big picture EVENTUALLY

I’m grateful for my purpose and journey in life

Chris Prestidge – a Sydney based photographer and avid surfer

My sense of sight – for being able to see the colours of life.

My sense of hearing – for being able to hear the rain storm at the end of a summer day.

My sense of smell – for being able to smell the fragrance of the sea + earth.

My sense of taste – to savor the sweetness of fruits and saltiness of seawater.

My heart – the ability to capture these moments and share these with

people around me.

And most of all im grateful for my mind, for being able to store memories

and create new ones….

Katherine Hicks – spiritual soul and talented actress

“I am grateful that I can live in the city and still live by the beach. I am grateful I can fill my drink bottle up from my tap and walk up my street to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. More personally I am grateful for my friends, my family and my gorgeous boyfriend. I am also very grateful that I have found from a young age something I love and can pursue, my love for what I do is like a lighthouse that has guided me on the way and for this I am extremely grateful.”

Katie Manitsas – inspirational yogini and mum of 2 and 

“What am I grateful for? Satsang … in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit the word Satsang means keeping the company of the truthful – or in other words hanging out with people who say what they mean and mean what they say.  I have two young children and they are the ultimate Satsang – my little guru’s, always honest, often hilarious and the best company in the world!

Beyond biological family I’m supremely blessed to have a family of yogi’s in my life too – the Satsang of the yoga studio where I spend my days. These like minded people have become my family and I’m grateful for their loyalty, honestly and love every day! ”

Matt McGowen – talented musician and avid embracer of healing

I’m mostly grateful for my parents. I reckon they were the closest thing to perfect parents you could get.

I’m also grateful for;

Everything I have gratitude for; (in no particular order)

·      My brother

·      My Wonderful friends and relationships

·      My job and my income

·      My good health

·      My car

·      Sunshine

·      Blue skies

·      That I live in Sydney

·      My abilities

·      My courage

·      My ability to solve problems

·      My ability to surrender problems

·      My computer

·      My place to live

·      My comfortable bed

·      All the fun and happy times I’ve experienced in my life

·      All the happy and fun times I will experience in the future

·      My mentors

·      That I have the ability to learn

·      My spiritual growth

·      The great and delicious food I get to eat daily

·      The clean and fresh drinks I get to have daily

·      That all my business affairs seem to work out

·      That my Uni and course results were good

·      My music

·      My general enthusiasm

·      My ability to give something new a try

·      My sense of adventure despite all odds

·      My sense of humour

·      My ever building confidence and improvement

·      My understanding that progress is still progress even if it’s not linear

·      My new found ability to meditate

·      That I sleep well every night! Hooray!

Monica Anderson – seeker of truth and co – director of live yoga life

I am grateful for…

- Having a beautiful and “conscious” partner/ husband in my life.

- For living in a beautiful house in a quiet peaceful suburb, with a beautiful garden, and plenty of light & space for Stuart and I to relax & be creative in.

- For living in this beautiful country with beautiful weather, low humidity, clean & well-oranised streets and services which make it so easy and pleasant for us to drive/ walk around.

- For having the luxury of living 5 minutes to work (and 5 minutes away from Stuart’s work!). Canberra is such an easy place to live in.

- For having everything and everyone within 10-20 minutes driving distance; I can visit clients from one end of Canberra to another without taking more than 20 minutes drive and with no parking to pay.

- For my wonderful art teacher who encourages creative freedom as much as refining my technique. I am growing so much.

- For having the opportunity to do a Building Design course at CIT, exactly the course I’ve been looking for (combining project management, drafting & building compliance) at such an accessible time/ fee/ duration

- For having the opportunity to work closely with main players in the Canberra property market, which brings me closer to my dream of being a property developer

- For having yoga and meditation in my life

- For, a wonderful effortless and dynamic business, and a yoga portal for people anywhere and everywhere

- For knowing what I want

- For knowing that the universe supports me

- For knowing that we live in a vibration-based universe where law of attraction says ‘Yes’ to everything

- For knowing that I am the predominant creator in my life, and knowing I determine what I choose to create in my reality

- For knowing that I can be, and do, and have everything I choose to be and do and have

- For knowing that every single person/ being around me is the powerful predominant creative force in their own life

- For being part of this wonderful time, where the world is waking up to better ways of doing things; we are all connected, and our actions can reflect so. There is plenty to go around for everyone, and every being can go for their own dreams; and life will be all the better and more glorious for everyone

- For choosing to be in this physical reality, and getting to play in this playground of LIFE.

- For wonderful friends and teachers in my life, whom I have met and continue to meet.

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  1. i am grateful for all the people who have made comments about being grateful on your site, as it has given me the courage to be honest enough to write what I am grateful for.

    I am grateful for every breath, because without it I would not be able to experience this magnificent entity we call LIFE..

    thanks patty for sharing

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