You’ve just landed in my digital temple for soulful, conscious & creative visionaries from all over the world, and you know what?

I love that you’re here. Hello and welcome.

If we’ve never met before, you’re probably wondering who I am, what I do and how I do it. Maybe even who I do it with.

When people ask me what I do for a living, I tell them: “I demystify the woo woo in the wellness industry so that you can easily transform your life.”

But what I really want to say is:

“I binge-watch TV shows like Vikings + Scandal, devour hot chips more than twice a week and secretly teach my 3 year old twin nephew & niece how to use words like ‘unequivocally’ in a sentence.”

Somewhere between my first year of university and now, I metamorphosed into a carefully curated version of my best self. But I’d like to show you the real me that’s a little raw and rough around the edges.

And when it comes to turning you into an industry leader, I’m your gal. Your chakra chick. Your reiki master maven. Your kickass (Kikos) kinesiologist. Your hilarious healer. Your transformative teacher. Your cheerleader + coach

  • I have 17 years of experience as a counsellor, and more than a decade as a wedding celebrant, Reiki master, energy healer, kinesiologist, hatha + kundalini yoga virtuoso.
  • I was the 1st Australian kundalini yoga teacher to launch an e-course back in 2012 and have now created a life changing toolkit for you to access online when you’re too busy to get to a yoga class, or when you’re travelling for work. You can check it out right here.
  • I lecture on yoga teacher trainings and have taught at major festivals such as the Byron Spirit Festival, Evolve Yoga Festival and Yoga Aid. I’ve also been an ambassador for Lululemon, Kira Grace and I Love Chakra.
  • I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries who have kicked some incredibly life changing goals such as turning over 6 figures in their first year of business, opening a sold out art exhibition, finishing a PHD degree, healing fertility issues, finding love in a committed relationship, recovering from depression, anxiety + addiction, writing a bestselling novel and even launching an internationally acclaimed album.

And when I’m not designing my next workshop, speaking at an event or marrying yet another loved up couple — you can find me walking my dog, taking a sunset pic, embracing my inner fashionista or vowing to memorise those bloody irregular Spanish verbs.

I understand the world through energy. Or energy centers (a.k.a chakras). Through this clarity, I’ve become less judgmental of others, more open hearted with my intentions and clearer with my boundaries. I’ve also healed the pain from my past, cleared the doubts that try to visit me occasionally and earned more money than ever before.

Here are some ways we can work together:

Patty Kikos Reiki 1 Training


After 4 attunements, Reiki 1 helps you energise & heal yourself, others, animals, plants, trees and water via your hands like  portable first aid kit!


Patty is a facilitator of change and will help you reprogram your cellular memory so that you accelerate positive changes in your personal & professional life.

Patty Kikos Reiki 1 Training


Patty’s sunny disposition & soulful way of holding the space makes her one of Sydney’s most sought after wedding celebrants for over 10 years.

Patty Kikos Reiki 2 Training


In Reiki 2, you are given 3 sacred symbols that can then be used to strengthen emotional pain, send absentee healing, as well as healing past events.

So here’s me in a nutshell or a paragraph full of paradoxes:

Earth lover. Spiritual mentor. Ocean dweller. Chakra balancer. Reformed perfectionist. Energy healer. Idiosyncratic fashionista. Yoga teacher. Chocolate addict. Wedding celebrant. Inspirational speaker. Gregarious introvert. Sunset worshipper. Doggy mama. Accredited Counsellor. Former dancer. Information junkie. Soulful entrepreneur. Womens activist. Creative visionary. Tri lingual. Pasta enthusiast. Netflix advocate. Proud aunty. Avid reader. Global humanitarian. Vintage aficionado. Coffee drinker. Conscious collaborator.

But if you’re more of a details kind of person, then read on:

I used to be a social worker and I am now obsessed with watching the sunrise and the sunset everyday. I get to do both from my home office by the beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

My dad was the forklift driver for Nestlé and Life Savers. The fact that my brother and I aren’t obese and/or diabetic is nothing short of miraculous.

As a former dancer, I can physically contort my body into all sorts of impressive postures. But the reason I love kundalini yoga so much is because it’s helped me strengthen my nervous system so that I’m no longer prone to over reacting to stressful situations.

In order to minimize my predisposition of being distracted by shiny new object syndrome, I keep myself accountable by practicing the same meditation every day for 40 days. Not only does this help me stay on track with my goals, but it also helps clear any blocks that come up along the way. I even created an e-course to help you do the same.

Are you a passionate person that wants to live their dream life one spiritual tool at a time? It’s my mission to help you unlock a completely new Universe so that you can be a game changer in your field by shining your light into the world. Let’s work together and find out what works for you.

Thank you for coming to my corner of the world wide web. I love that you visited.

Want to learn more about kundalini yoga and your chakras?



Patty Kikos is a powerful instigator of change who holds a transformative space as a speaker, counsellor, kinesiologist, healer, senior kundalini yoga teacher and wedding celebrant. She is renowned for inspiring visionaries to make incredible internal transformations that magnify their impact on the world.

Patty has an innate ability to demystify timeless teachings that makes deep spiritual trainings and advanced energetic practices easily accessible. She helps you transform your energy (chakras) to balance your glands & strengthen your nervous system so you can unleash your true potential without being triggered by stress.

Patty has presented at many yoga & wellness festivals over the years and when she’s not trying to conjugate irregular Spanish verbs, she’s usually watching a sunset, walking her dog or trawling for vintage. You can stay up to date by sending her a witty message on her Facebook page, showing her how to use a filter properly on Instagram, or by subscribing to her weekly-ish newsletters.


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I want to share the 1: balance session I had with Patty Kikos so others can know what an incredible, moving experience this is. I have never experienced the depths of this kind of healing before. First Patty asked what I’d like to work on. She then took me on a journey back in time pinpointing exact years I had major shall we say ‘tests’ in life – some that I had ‘forgotten’ about! Patty does this through a form of muscle monitoring and intuition; Patty’s energy and way she conducts the kinesiology session is almost hypnotic. Patty works on your subconscious and helps you move through unseen blockages that are very much affecting life on a day-to-day level. She is a wise soul and works from the heart in the most beautiful non-judgmental way. Patty Kikos will touch your soul in the most unexpected of ways.


Patty is one of the most beautiful women in the universe. She is my teacher, friend and spiritual guide.Patty treats all with equal love and compassion. Her love for humanity shines in a radiant energetic field.I came to kundalini yoga through Patty. At this time I was searching for a spiritual guide to assist me in rekindling my own spiritual fire. Patty assisted me to rekindle this spiritual fire through her vast knowledge of yoga which she shared freely. In particular she guided me through a series of krias, 40 day yoga sequences, which helped me navigate my way out of depression into a more connected way of living. Patty, through her focused attention and beautiful spiritual teachings, helped me to move from dependence on anti-depressant medication to an existence based on acceptance if myself.Patty is beautiful, spiritual, genuine and trustworthy. Patty does not shy from the dark shadows of life but accepts everything as it is. This is why I love her. Patty is love

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