On the Autumn Equinox, day and night are of equal length. This signals the need to balance light and darkness within us. Far too often, we fear the dark and adore only the light.

Autumn is a time of transformation, and during this auspicious time, Patty Kikos and Hayley Melrose invite you to embrace your dark side so that you can balance your energy.

Nature does a lot of shedding during autumn and likewise, the lungs and large intestine meridians are responsible for cleansing, & releasing toxins from the body.

You’ll experience a beautiful kundalini dance practice that will offer you the opportunity to move intuitively and expand your comfort zone as you are guided by Hayley in her magical, potent way.

Patty will then lovingly lead you through a kundalini yoga practice to help you feel restored & rejuvenated by cleansing your glands as you breathe prana through your body to unlock the heaviness that is ready to be freed.

The 30 minute gong bath will help you integrate your raised vibration. This session is open to ALL levels, especially as the practice is done at your own pace & with your eyes closed.

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Sunday 20 March. 6.30 – 9pm Drill Hall 1c New Beach Rd, Rushcutters Bay

“You’re only as balanced as your last trigger, and if that’s the only thing stopping you from magnifying your light, then THIS is the workshop for you!”

Tameera Kemp Astrologer & Numerologist

“There is no other teacher in the world that makes kundalini yoga accessible like Patty Kikos does. Her events are incredibly transformative!”

Candice Cooper-Williams – Photographer

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