I’m not usually one that goes to live events to see speakers, but the chance to hear Danielle La Porte’s live truth bombs made me reconsider. In fact, I’m not even a fan of seeing live bands. There’s something about the jostling, the smoking and the smell of beer in my hair afterwards that just doesn’t appeal to me

I still remember feeling gipped after seeing Janet Jackson live at the Entertainment Centre when I was 13 years old. My already impaired vision was challenged further by how far the stage was. It could well have been Samuel L Jackson gyrating up there and I doubt I would have known the difference.

But life goes on and I’d like to think I move with the times, especially as there’s always an exception to every rule. In reference to music, those 2 exceptions for me are Fat Freddy’s Drop and The xx. In terms of speakers, it is the inimitable Danielle La Porte.

I had the pleasure of meeting her and hearing her speak to a live audience at the Sydney Art Gallery that was organised by The Wake Up Project last week and to say that the experience was thrilling is quite possibly an enormous understatement.

She has a laugh that’s more like an impromptu chuckle that comes straight from the heart. She was all glammed up, unabashed and unadulterated, and I loved her even more for it.


I’ve been following her work for many years now and she has inspired me both personally and professionally to get in touch with how I want to feel as opposed to my previous modus operandi that would over analyse everything.

Much of what she has to say is inspiring and I wanted to share a few gems from the other night with you


Leaning into the uncertainty is where the answers are

For we get addicted to the creativity, but the well gets empty, or it will be winter.

Be in the ebb.

Because the flow will come, and then you’ll wish you’d taken a vacation.


Blind enthusiasm is the beginning of any new endeavour whether it’s a new relationship or a new project.

The most powerful form of clarity you will ever have, is knowing how you want to feel.

And once you know, get into the driver’s seat and make it your reality. Every pecre desire is a prayer – in fact its your way of sending a prayer.

It will be heard.

Do you want it with every fiber and cell in your body? No?

Then maybe you don’t want it enough..


How many goals do you want to see manifest into reality? Choose 2 or 3 and do them so well, that you hit it out of the park, as opposed to 5 or 6 things you did well.

Courage – cour comes from the Latin word meaning heart – the feeling place. It exists in your heart.

Because joy reconfigures you, it is your true nature.

Choose to Rise. Rise to Expand.


This was a great way of telling us to cut dead wood from our life. What are you proving by staying? Is this relationship / project helping you get closer to your true core desired feelings? No?

Then be an early leaver.


Thrilled to bits that my mug is in this pic!? maybe just a LITTLE bit….

And finally – some amazing advice to bloggers / healers / wellness warriors out there –


Get through it first.

Process your emotions – the pain, the anger, the sadness, the whatever, and THEN talk about it with your readers.

When you’re IN your pain, you’re off your centre and this can make you vulnerable to psychic attack.

When you’re on the other side, that’s when you can offer an enlightened perspective.


Comparison is toxic – flip that toxic comparison to a healthy envy. She threw her head back as she laughed raucously and said, “I have friends who are billionaires – BILLIONAIRES, and they’re just as neurotic as I am!

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