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Patty makes kundalini yoga accessible like no other teacher I’ve ever met. She keeps it real by talking about life’s challenges in a funny but refreshingly honest way.


Patty Kikos has a way of showing me the light of where I want to be and a knack for making me think it was all my idea. She’s one of the most extraordinary retreat facilitators.


I loved being at Patty’s talk because of how inclusive she is with the audience. I was really inspired by how vast her knowledge is and how generous she was with her energy.
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Some people have the ability to touch our hearts and our soul and we just know that after that we will never be the same again. That to me is exactly my experience with Patty Kikos. Her presence, her energy, her knowledge, her obvious love and commitment to being a teacher is just so incredibly inspiring, uplifting and empowering. She is a true guide to me, a teacher who was meant to be my teacher. Just being in a room with her once a week has changed my weeks and inevitably my life.

It is especially her enthusiasm and professionalism which blows me away, i teach yoga myself and i have seen my own development as a teacher grow since her “touch”. Both as a student and as a teacher Patty encouraged and enabled me to edit my story in a way I thought was never even possible. I am forever grateful for her as she is a true gift to anyone who has the pleasure to meet her on their travels. Bless you, Patty Kikos.


I found Patty’s Chakra Balance Course to be an energising journey of better understanding myself through the loving, non-judgemental way that Patty guides us through each chakra whereby there is no right or wrong, just you and your journey.

You get to learn about the body, the chakras and your relationship with them to better understand and improve your life and therefore, the lives of others. Patty is very caring and communicative, and has a profound knowledge of mind, body and our connection with the universe.

Her Chakra Balance classes are a perfect envirnoment, with other like minded people, to let go, to ‘feel’ and better understand who you are.I found this course super energizing and uplifting and learned heaps along the way. Thanks Patty 🙂

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