My Personal Story


Ma and Pa on the beach and in love

1977 was the year Star Wars hit cinemas, British Airways launched the Concorde service between London & New York City, the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Amnesty International, Dr Martin Luther King Jr received The Medal of Freedom posthumously, the 1st Apple II computers went on sale, Elvis Presley died and I was born on International Womens Day in the Chinese Year of the Snake.

I believe I chose my family so that they could teach me about the value of equality, transformation, celebration and freedom, especially in the face of adversity. maybe not in that order. For most of my adolescence, I resisted these lessons. I was an awkward kid who was an avid reader and wore really thick glasses.

My personal values clashed with my folks who themselves were dealing with the aftermath of a close family member’s addiction that spanned over 20 years. I blossomed into an unhappy & rebellious teenager that often nursed a sore neck from the chip I carried on my shoulder.


Big glasses helped in my quest to be an avid reader

The value of education was pressed upon me from an early age, especially as it was a resource that my parents did not have available to them. I witnessed the heartache & grief that came from their own suffering and was subsequently drawn to the Social Work realm. I was convinced I could change the world.

I learned that education has its merit however my social work career didn’t always promote compassion and empowerment for my clients. I worked within a system that perpetuated the vicious cycle of poverty, despite the system’s good intentions to do otherwise. The 5 closest & dearest people in my life have no degree and I hold them and their opinions in very high regard.

My soul yearned to break free from my sheltered upbringing and the devastating effects that addiction and narcissism can have on a family. I ached to be creative, to learn a 3rd language and to have my own street cred. So I travelled the world for 2 years.

I learned that travelling could open up a plethora of opportunities when meeting new people, but you could never truly be free of the pain and trauma of your past if you carried it with you in your luggage and in your everyday conversations.

I longed for some of the free spiritedness and creativity I had discovered about myself when I came back to Australia so I danced professionally and studied many different healing therapies including kinesiology.


Putting on a show

I learned that the dance world wasn’t all sequins and sparkles, although those little buggers do have a tendency to get stuck in all sorts of nooks and cranny’s. Most importantly, I took away my greatest gift – my love for teaching and my desire to work for myself.

I decided to stop ‘doing’ yoga and chose instead to live like a yogi. So I qualified as a yoga instructor in both the hatha vinyasa and kundalini yoga traditions. My love for holding the space was also born and so was my 2nd business as a marriage celebrant.

I learned that the yoga world isn’t always full of love and isn’t always free from ego, especially from so-called senior teachers, but the teachings are still relevant and pure today as they were many years ago.

On paper it seemed like I was living the dream, yet privately, I wasn’t thriving. I discovered that I was good at manifesting my visions into reality, but I was not very good at managing my energy, time, boundaries, or stress levels.


Being a celebrant on the beach

I learned that understanding life concepts on a cerebral level was not the same as knowing them on a practical level. So I simplified my life. I stopped looking for answers outside of myself and chose instead to make a commitment to the person I did want to be.

I’ve been helping people transform, heal, shift, align and prosper, and would love to work with you as well. Lets stay in touch so you can get to know me better.

Thank you for crossing my path, lets stay in touch. I try to be witty onTwitter, arty on Instagram and insightful on Facebook. This doesn’t always go according to plan, but I’d love for us to connect via my blog posts, or through my fortnightly-ish newsletters