Radical Shifts Are Often Subtle

I’m so excited to be part of the FREE Radical Shifts Online Summit  along with many people who I’ve admired for years such as Dr John Demartini, Dr Bruce Lipton, Danielle La Porte, Ben Lee and Brandon Bays.

Does popular culture inspire growth?

Many years ago I attended a seminar that talked about a universal event that helped humanity open their heart chakra. The global event that the speaker was referring to was the tragedy of Princess Diana's death. I still remember where I was and how stunned I felt at...

When Spirituality Is Superficial

Being honest about heavy experiences doesn’t make you un-spiritual.

One of my yoga teachers would often say that getting to enlightenment is easy, it’s staying there that’s tricky, after all isn’t there a Ram Dass quote that’s now prolific on Instagram that suggests if you think you’re enlightened, you should try spending a week with your family?

Does it EVER end?

Does it ever end? Does it ever seem like you’re having the same conversation over and over, yet it feels like you don’t ‘get anywhere?’ Or you stumble on yet another emotional block regarding love / money / your job / your home / your in-laws / siblings that feels...

Transitions That Test You

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes at Patty Kikos HQ that has required me to use a different kind of energy where I’ve been ‘putting myself out there, a lot more than I ordinarily do. While it’s been exciting and offered me the opportunity to learn a lot,...

Happy Autumn Equinox

Happy Autumn Equinox beloveds! I celebrated a little earlier during my kundalini yoga workshop on Saturday, (by the way - thanks for another packed out workshop my darling yogis!) and today I’ll be facilitating a Reiki 1 Training Day where 3 new healers will be...

Happy International Womens Day

When I found out about the existence of International Womens Day, I was a teenager who felt very disempowered within my own family. I was the youngest kid and only daughter born to European immigrant parents who had not received a full education in their own...

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