Summer Solstice Blessings

Today we celebrate summer solstice here in the southern hemisphere, which also marks the longest day of the year. Happy Solstice Beloved!!I wish for you so much love, abundance and many great blessings for the coming new year. Traditionally this marks the official...

The Wisdom in Our Words

’m also aware of how language within mainstream and even sub cultures has the ability to make a certain gender or ethnicity feel inferior, for I’ve experienced both myself. It’s why I try to cultivate kindness and wisdom with my words.

The Rise In Community Consciousness

For the longest time ever, I never really felt like I had that soulful community tribal connection, or at least not when I was growing up. Like many of my students and clients have shared with me since, I also felt like the stork had dropped me off to a community that had the complete opposite values of felt true in my own heart.

Anger – A Potent Tool For Transformation

Anger is a potent energetic tool for transformation Our society doesn't really teach us the value of anger. In one extreme, it is dissuaded, dismissed and even devalued, yet on the other hand; it's given a cultural value that can be used as an excuse for 'passionate...

Radical Shifts Are Often Subtle

I’m so excited to be part of the FREE Radical Shifts Online Summit  along with many people who I’ve admired for years such as Dr John Demartini, Dr Bruce Lipton, Danielle La Porte, Ben Lee and Brandon Bays.

Does popular culture inspire growth?

Many years ago I attended a seminar that talked about a universal event that helped humanity open their heart chakra. The global event that the speaker was referring to was the tragedy of Princess Diana's death. I still remember where I was and how stunned I felt at...

When Spirituality Is Superficial

Being honest about heavy experiences doesn’t make you un-spiritual.

One of my yoga teachers would often say that getting to enlightenment is easy, it’s staying there that’s tricky, after all isn’t there a Ram Dass quote that’s now prolific on Instagram that suggests if you think you’re enlightened, you should try spending a week with your family?

Does it EVER end?

Does it ever end? Does it ever seem like you’re having the same conversation over and over, yet it feels like you don’t ‘get anywhere?’ Or you stumble on yet another emotional block regarding love / money / your job / your home / your in-laws / siblings that feels...

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