Sacral Chakra Workshop

Join me for the 2nd of 7 chakra balance workshops this year. You will find your passion and ignite your creativity by strengthening your sacral chakra.

Through an innovative kundalini yoga sequence and transformative meditations, you will strengthen your connection to others through your passion, creativity and happiness, so you:

Live the creative and passionate life that feeds your soul. Free from guilt and addictions

The workshop will end with a 30 minute gong session to help you heal deeply so you feel motivated, empowered, revitalised and focussed on your passion for this year. Manifesting your goals is fun and effortless when your creativity is balanced and you align with your divine.

WHEN: Saturday 1 March 2014

TIME: 12.30pm – 3.30pm

WHERE: Barefoot Yoga, T3 Verona, Paddington

COST: $47 Early Bird / $53 On The Day  CLICK HERE TO BOOK IN


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