Re Align The Architecture of Your Soul

You long to live a life that has purpose. Am I right?

Are you ready to up-level your beliefs, most notably your belief in yourself?

Is it time for you to be valued for your gifts and to be remunerated accordingly?

Want to be acknowledged for the impact you want to make in this world?

Do you feel ready to be seen, and I mean really seen, warts and all?

Can you handle shining a light on every area of your life?

Are you ready for more?

Maybe it feels like you’re alone, but I want to assure you that you’re not.

In fact there are so many incredible people just like you who are ready for their unique soul alignment to anchor themselves to their higher calling and a deeper purpose.


This is where I merge everything I’ve learned over the past 18 years as a counsellor and the last decade of being a kinesiologist and energy healer.

In this time, I’ve had the privilege of supporting hundreds of visionaries make incredible internal transformations that magnify their impact on the world.

Together we’ll explore how your energy balance, belief systems and emotional responses are reacting to the triggers in your life.

After each session, you will clear energetic pathways and re align your cellular memory so that you easily transition in to a richer, more fulfilling and prosperous way of living and being.


I bet you already know that know that there are 7 main energy centres in the body, right? They’re also known as chakras and each one correlates to specific body parts, glands, physical ailments, emotions and thought processes.

But, did you know that your chakras are the architecture of your soul?

Think of them as 7 wheels or a discs – kind of like a floppy disc that programs your survival, emotions, how to take action in the world and respond in relationships, language programs with images and memories, as well as mindsets and belief systems.

Many of these programs don’t work because they were given to us by dysfunctional families and are currently in need of a MAJOR update. If they’re not in balance and in harmony, they can block us from feeling clear, secure, at ease or worthy of having a good life and supportive relationships.

Understanding HOW your energy works helps you move past any tricky predicaments that might come up for you. When we are in harmony, our energy is balanced, but when we’re off centre, we’re off kilter in 2 ways:

  • either by being excessive (overcompensating)
  • or by being deficient (avoiding).

You may have noticed this come up for you in times when you oscillate between feeling passionate & inspired or when you’ve completely lost your mojo.

You’ll uncover how this can show up in your life (struggling to make ends meet or confront someone?), or through our body (having trouble digesting? have chronic sore throats?)


There *is* a format – however no 2 people will ever have the same experience, for a variety of weird and wonderful reasons.

For a start, you’ll most likely be setting very different intentions, and as you can imagine, there will be varied blocks that will come up to be worked through and cleared.

But here’s a little taste of what to expect each session:

Session 1. Getting Clear
Session 2. Ancestral / Hereditary Clearing
Session 3. Conscious Connections
Session 4. Healing Old Trauma / Wounds
Session 5. Why Is That Pain Resurfacing?
Session 6. Plugging Those Energy Leaks
Session 7. The Power of Expression & Clear Visualisation
Session 8. Soul Integration


There are a few tell tale signs that will most likely indicate how much you’ll really benefit. Appreciating my sense of humour could well be one of them.. But here are a few others:

  • You are 100% committed to your own success
  • You’re ready to clear your communication blocks
  • You are prepared to do the inner work required
  • You’re ready to boost your confidence & eliminate shame
  • You are not satisfied with living a mediocre life
  • You’re ready to transform negative recurring patterns
  • You have a yearning to make an impact in your life
  • You’re ready to reduce the stress you feel
  • You want to find your flow in a way that is guilt free
  • You’re ready to open your heart and expand your potential
  • You want to stop any subconscious self sabotage of your success

Does this sound like you? Because in addition to trusting your instincts, I bet you’re also ready to empower your thoughts so that you can effortlessly up level your life. That’s just my hunch. Am I right?


Well that depends on your session, your goal, the triggers that have surfaced and the distinctive way that you integrate, process and embody your unique gifts.

Sometimes I’ll use kinesiology techniques to uncover the original, or the most poignant time in our life that you experienced a block, a trauma, or a response that you’re now ready to clear. As a Reiki master, I also use sacred healing symbols to help you integrate our session in a way that you can assist you best.

During other times, I will cut the energetic chords that that are causing you anxiety, stress, anger, guilt, shame or grief. These kind of attachments usually connect you with a particular incident from your past, or to a person that you feel disempowered by that may have projected certain negative emotions that you feel you might have taken on.

On other occasions, we unlock the medicine that’s already in your energy system. What do I mean by that? We unearth the empowered parts of yourself that are already thriving your life, and we distribute that energy to other parts of your consciousness so that you can activate your natural drive, by steering it in the direction you’d like to go.


I was depressed, stuck in a rut and feeling helpless. Patty helped me see my situation differently and find my self-confidence again. Patty is like a Swiss Army knife. She is all-purpose, multi-talented, beautifully real and very surprising. I heartily recommend Patty Kikos as a skilled listener, counsellor, healer and I recommend her as a good human being.


Dearest Patty 8 weeks ago yesterday we had my very first skype session. I know this was 8 weeks ago because from that day on i have given up sugar. The kind and gentle words of wisdom you shared with me is something i will never forget.

I wanted to recommend anyone seeking support and guidance i highly recommend you. You explained why i was craving sugar because i had no sweetness in my life.!!!

Wow that just made sense to me. I am feeling so much more relaxed . I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart i am truly grateful.


I arrived in Thailand and people were asking me how I am ( so much travelling, teaching,etc) and I said to several people, “I was only in Australia for five days, but I feel like I had a deep healing there”. I did feel this deeply and didn’t really make sense of it, but when I was talking with you today I realised it was the healing you gave me. Very very powerful. You are magical!


Over the past few years I have seen Patty for healing numerous times. Each and every time what has transpired is a profound experience of transformation in my inner world, thus influencing every thing outside of me.

Patty’s unique healing energy is unmatched by words – never before have I met a healer who holds the space quite like she does.

She is strong, powerful and direct.

If you’re looking for a no-bullshit yet an intuitively out of this world healing, then try one with her. I cannot recommend her enough.



In addition to the 8 sessions that we’ll share together, this program also includes:

  • A pre program questionnaire to help you get clear on your goal
  • Unlimited email support from me during our time together
  • EIGHT 60 minute Soul Alignment sessions
  • Resources and worksheets that will support you in your journey


Honestly? I really don’t know, but if you’re keen to find out, you’re welcome to do some research yourself to see whether you and I are in sync.

You see, I’m not a fan of comparing myself to other practitioners or other programs and courses out there.

What I do know is that there are similar kind of programs where appointments are made for each fortnight.

Among other things, I prefer to connect weekly so that we can maintain the momentum for your soulful revolution.

Oh and you should probably know, I only take 4 clients per 8 weeks.

Why? Because I want to be authentic and practice what I preach. What does that mean? Glad you asked!

I can’t be of service to you, if I’m stressed, over committed and feeling like I-just-don’t-have-time-to-get-everything-done.

And if I don’t have the space in my life to nurture my creativity and social connections, I won’t be able to hold the space for your transformation.

And then what would be the point of this program?


Your potential is important to me because I want you to know, that you matter, and you have something to share with the world that nobody else could possibly access, simply because they are not you.

I come from a lineage of unrealised potential from both female sides of my family and this had a lot to do with extreme poverty, a lack of education and limiting cultural beliefs.

To this day, I am still clearing the wounds of my ancestors, especially the DNA I carry from both my grandmothers and my mother.

My healing is important to me because I know that if I don’t fulfill my potential and embody the happiness that is such a big part of my own soul’s calling, their suffering would have been for nothing, and I don’t want to pass this pain on to my own daughter.

Despite having the great fortune to be born in a rich country with access to limitless education and a more progressive society, the amount of times I limited my own potential is blasphemous.

I have access to a plethora of transformative tools and have made it my mission to not only demystify any woo-woo associated with spirituality, but to make it as palatable and accessible as possible for you to integrate into your life.

And let me be clear. I don’t want you to think of your potential as something that can only be measured by how much you do or achieve, because I think that’s simply an external representation of how internally connected and aligned you are.

I want to you to be so connected to your unique soul blueprint, that you find it easy to evoke your potential to experience great love, passion and power.

I want you to always be so connected to your own potential to transform and transcend any situation through the core of your very being, and to call upon the different aspects of your multi faceted personality whenever you so please.

I want your soul to be aligned so that you can magnify your light in a way that is unabashed, unadulterated and most of all, unapologetic.


Well, my coffee is a large weak soy latté with cinnamon on top and I love vintage furniture circa 1970. I’m obsessed with sunsets and dogs and they tell me I’m equal parts soulful, feisty, sassy, heart centred & hilarious.

Professionally, I’m Patty Kikos – a counsellor, kinesiologist, speaker and energy healer renowned for inspiring visionaries and entrepreneurs to make incredible internal transformations that magnify their effectiveness + impact on the world.

My methods quickly help you transform your energy centres to strengthen your nervous system, dissolve stress triggers and unleash your true energetic potential.

You know what? I’ve been counselling for 18 years, and since adding yoga, energy healing and kinesiology (among other tools!) to my resume a decade ago, the results I get these days are out of this world. Almost as incredible as the amazing women I’m blessed to attract into my orbit.

And when it comes to turning dreamers into industry leaders, I’m your gal. Your chakra chick. Your reiki master maven. Your kickass (Kikos) kinesiologist. Your hilarious healer. Your transformative teacher. Your cheerleader + coach.


Do I EVAH! I know what it takes to be a successful free spirit, a pioneer in a new way of life, or a visionary who doesn’t want to conform to society’s bullshit norms. I know what it’s like to finally stop chasing your tail.

I also know that in order to embody our lessons, we often have to go through the rite of passage that means oscillating between extremes before we find our own unique balance. (Hello excessive partying versus workaholic tendencies).

I know what it’s like to break family moulds and reprogram old ancestral wounds. I know how it feels to be in debt, move past deep-seated shame and fear, as well as to feel alone in a deep quest to pursue your burning ambition.

But you know what else I know? I also know how it feels to have traversed all that. I know how powerful it feels to live a life of fulfillment – not because I wake up feeling perfect everyday, but because when I don’t, I have easy access to the tools that lovingly help me find my way.

I want this for you as well. Lets link arms and build rapport. Lets reprogram those pesky bad habits. Lets clear the cache of your cellular memory because it’s now time for your inner and outer worlds to be harmoniously in sync and in an effortless alignment.

Recently I reached a point in my life where on the surface I had everything a reasonable person could want. Money and possessions, family and friends and great business and career.


I joined Patty’s soul alignment course with a view to helping me deal with the process of leaving my family (which I did) and as a result of this completely losing interest in the business side of my life which was always about providing for my family. In effect I was walking away from everything and everyone.


Patty’s course helped me realise that I didnt want to leave my life and she gave me knowledge and tools to connect and interract better with my loved ones and myself.


After working with Patty for a while I am back with my family and happily working through issues with others and myself and gaining greater understanding,happiness and satisfaction.


I realise now that running away wasnt a solution but a reaction to a sense of hopelessness. Engaging with the things that made me unhappy and understanding them better means that although life will never be perfect it will be real and thats ok!


My situation was a dramatic one and Patty’s positive impact cannot be overstated but I would recomend her soul alignment course to anyone under any circumstances as I am sure we all can benefit from someone with her wisdom and empathy to guide and advise us about life matters.

Brent Marvin

Managing Director, MD+A Architects


In addition to your time, dedication and commitment? Choose from either:

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*** Paypal Fees Apply ***


Schedule your first session with me, and in the meantime, I will email you a questionnaire that will help us get started on your Soul Alignment journey. If you’ve seen me for other sessions before, but this is your first Soul Alignment journey, be sure to tick the box that asks if this is your first session so that you receive the questionnaire.