Patty Kikos - Speaker

Need a speaker or someone to host, MC or present at your next event?

As a successful wedding celebrant, Patty’s role naturally extended and morphed into a popular host and MC when she kept getting asked to be part of the more social festivities.

Patty’s infectious enthusiasm and warm demeanor were a contributing factor to the many sold out chakra balance courses she taught as a yoga teacher, lecturer and presenter at numerous wellness events, trainings and conferences in the last 10 years.

Much of her success can be attributed to the incredible atmosphere she creates, along with the unpretentious way in which she can hold a transformational space for others in a way that is light hearted, inspiring, inclusive and empowering.

Patty is available for interviews and speaking engagements on the following topics:

  • The Art & Application Of Your Unique Chakra Balance
  • Boundaries – Do Your Words Match Your Actions?
  • Align with Your Divine – From The Inside Out
  • Healing Old Wounds By Shining Light On Your Shadow
  • Is Your Divine Feminine Aligned with Your Structured Masculine?
  • The 3 Keys To Help You Connect To Your Tribe.. And Ideal Clients
  • Honouring Your Lineage By Embracing Your Potential
  • Kundalini Yoga. The Science, The Yoga & The Meditations

Getting hitched soon and need a celebrant? You just found one!

Patty Kikos Need a Celebrant

Patty is a sought after wedding celebrant that has over 11 years of experience officiating soulful ceremonies for amazing couples like you! Contact her today to see if she’s available for your special day!

If you’d like to get in touch about potential collaborations or training days and if you’d like to have Patty teach, present, host or speak at your next event to ensure your audience feels uplifted and inspired, please get in touch.

Patty is hilarious! She’s so down to earth & inspiring!

I thought she actually worked for our company!

I love how she made everyone feel included