Have you noticed how we can mistake the feeling of ‘being enough’ with being more worthy, more important, more loved, or AFTER we’ve completed that degree or achieved a particular milestone?

This time of the year is also when our well intentioned New Years Resolutions have fallen by the wayside and reality has set in regarding where our energy is at for the new year. We’re often surprised at how bloody exhausted we really are.


When any sense of ‘enough-ness’ comes from an external factor, such as a completed outcome or someone else’s opinion, it means we’re plugging into a foreign frequency to validate our internal worth.

It’s not a vibration that is ours to embody for not only will it make us insecure, but we also start to connect to ourselves in a provisional manner, creating scenarios akin to conditional love and acceptance.

Internal dialogues start to form in ways that place restrictions and conditions on our behaviour and subsequent worthiness such as:

  • I’m only smart when I ace my test
  • I’m only pretty when I’m skinny
  • I’m only liked when I’m sweet
  • I’m only respected when I’m tough
  • I’m only popular when I’m funny
  • I’m only special when this person tells me


One of the MANY reasons why I’ve been inspired to host this retreat is to invite like minded souls like you, who are ready to take a break from their environment and their comfort zone, so that they can be held in a deep, safe and reverent space during the shedding of old beliefs, integration of new activations and soulful rest of their tired and weary souls.

This time of the year is also when our well-intentioned resolutions have fallen by the wayside and reality has set in regarding where our energy is after a long winter. We’re often surprised at how bloody exhausted we really are.

That’s when I come in and invite you to join me for an opportunity to release what you no longer need as the long winter days start to wane, and your energy slowly starts to amplify outward in time for a spring emergence.

WHEN: 17 – 19 AUGUST 2018
WHERE: Swami’s Retreat Centre
183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst NSW 2156

One of the philosophies that I use in my workshops and on the healing journeys that I embark on with my clients is the importance of awareness, alignment, action and then allowing.

In order for this to occur in a way that can facilitate a deep transformation, we must first move ourselves away from our comfort zone and habitual processes that can sometimes enable unconscious patterns to remain fixed and stunt our growth.

This will then give us an opportunity to find clarity about the things we need to clear mentally and emotionally, as well as the space to align with our vision for what we want to see blossom in our lives. Once we fine-tune the integration process, we can then embody this into our psyche and expand our soul’s potential.

Come join me, Patty Kikos, for a restful, releasing & restorative retreat set in the beautiful Kenthurst countryside. Swami’s retreat centre is situated on 60 acres of tranquil bush land a mere 55 minutes away from the centre of Sydney.

The retreat facilities include a range of single and shared rooms, a (non heated) swimming pool, spa, sauna, tennis court, gym and walking trails through the surrounding natural bush. There is a fully dedicated and equipped yoga studio with a wood fireplace.

Using ancient tools and nature we will prepare our minds and bodies for releasing anything that is holding our spirit back from being aligned from walking our true path so that we can delve deeper into our own personal soul alignment.

But mostly to remember that YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are. Whether you’re moving through a painful rite of passage, or if you are unclear about the next step you’d like to take, I’d like to invite you to join me to find peace with exactly where you happen to be traversing right now.

Together with me, you will clear tension and stress from your physical vessel through the sacred practices of kundalini yoga, breath work designed to facilitate a rebirth, powerful energy healing transmissions, as well as gong healings and yoga nidra so that you can reconnect to your body, mind and spirit.

If you are ready to dive in see payment details below or, if you would like more information please email patty@pattykikos.com


Check in Friday 4pm 17 August
Check out Sunday 19 August at 2pm


Comfortable clothing to move and meditate in
Yoga mat if you have one (along with any props you need)
Winter warmers for the outdoors when the temperature drops
All the rooms have heaters, bring extra layers if you feel the cold
A good book if you want some reading time
Swimmers in case you fancy a dip in the pool (not heated)
Towels if you’d like to use the jacuzzi or the sauna
Gym gear if you really want to work it out
Comfortable walking shoes for meditation walks


All meals are delicious home cooked vegetarian delicacies. ***If you have special dietary needs please be sure to let me know upon registering and securing your place***


There is a $100 non-refundable fee for all bookings. Swami’s retreat centre is a strictly non-alcohol consumption centre, and we ask you to respect that.


Please note that prices are fully inclusive of accommodation, program, meals and all amenities on site. This cost covers all elements of the program including delicious organic wholefood meals, snacks, freshly squeezed juices, herbal teas and coffee. Individual dietary requirements can be arranged – please let me know if you’re gluten free, dairy free or if you have any other food requests when you make your booking.

EARLY BIRD PRICE – Book & pay fully by 30 June 2018

Single Room for 1 $650 per person
Shared Room for 2 $610 per person
Shared Room for 3 $570 per person
Shared Room for 4 $520 per person

FULL PRICE – Book from 1 July 2018
Single Room for 1 $750 per person
Shared Room for 2 $710 per person
Shared Room for 3 $670 per person
Shared Room for 4 $620 per person


To secure your space a $200 deposit must be paid, and a full payment must be received by 30 July or before.

Account Name: P Kikos
BSB: 012356
Account: 256322644
Please use your name as a reference and then email me at patty@pattykikos.com with the payment receipt and your details.










Patty Kikos is a reformed perfectionist who has now fully embraced her free spirit and quirky paradoxes. Professionally, she holds a powerful space as a retreat host, workshop facilitator, respected healer, senior yoga teacher, kinesiologist, Reiki master and wedding celebrant.

Her specialty is mastering the art of energy & chakra balance, but her true passion lies in providing a light hearted atmosphere for profound transformational shifts to occur.

When Patty isn’t trying to memorise irregular Spanish verbs, you can find her reading a book, planning her next trip, taking yet another sunset pic or trawling for vintage. She is also passionate about living in a world where healing, activism, respect, equality and social justice are valued.

I am so grateful for having attended Patty’s retreat. She is the most beautiful soul who has gently and lovingly pushed me to be the best version of myself. She invites each of us to transform old stories and behaviour patterns in a beautiful and comfortable way. Patty facilitates each kundalini sequence, meditation and journey with compassion and laughter, and her incredible intuition means that she knows what each of us needs better than we know ourselves. I left the retreat feeling so much lighter and happier, and I cannot wait for the next one! She is a truly gifted healer and I absolutely recommend her work to everyone!

Patty’s retreat was a much need break from everything that has been going on in life. It was a magical space with beautiful like minded souls – where everyone was so different and yet connected on a spiritual level. Patty’s special energy penetrated the space in a way that everyone at the retreat was able to feel safe, discover and receive what ever they needed to experience. The retreat was a perfect combination of relaxation, kundalini yoga, healing and meditation, alone time and fun time together. I would attend Patty’s retreat again in heart beat. Many blessing and lots of gratitude to her for holding the space for us!

I isolated myself from the world for many years due to suffering from despair. I was in company of group of amazing people, I’m in awe of what I’ve just witnessed, I am in awe of the power of this circle, when a group of people come together in trust, what a miraculous healing it was for me.
I feel your heartbeat I feel every single one of you, if I close my eyes I see ever one of you, I’m still in that circle.. when I heard patty was having a retreat I just went head first I knew it was my time. I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone. I didn’t know who I was going to meet what I was going to see or anything it was my first retreat. To achieve this, Patty has s huge heart such a pure heart to hold space for so many people and to witness this healing and impact that this retreat had on so many people…can’t wait for out next one!

Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful weekend. Hands down the best retreat weekend I have ever been on. You were the reason the group was so amazing. Look at the people you attract! I still feel shifted, and continue to shift daily. Your insights and safe foundation were what I needed to trust you to lead me to change. I always love your company. I can’t think of anything I would change for next year. I think it was a great time set aside for the retreat as it’s always good to leave wanting more! I also think being so close, yet feeling far away from Sydney was a perfect combo. Thank you so much again for giving you and your authenticity. I feel really privileged to have been part of that group in retreat.

Patty’s retreat is by far one of the most profound experiences of my life. Her deep understanding of Kundalini Yoga, coupled with her passion to help others has enabled me to move forward in my life with positivity and strength to becoming the person I truly want to be this lifetime. Patty is a truly amazing soul who will transform your life.

Do you tune into your own frequency often enough? If so, how do you regularly check in with your energy? Because embodying the art of attunement takes practice.

Energy is so interesting, isn’t it? Sometimes we get big surges of powerful inspiration that drive us into action, but at other times, its just radio silence.

I believe that we must learn to listen to the instrument of our soul so we can tune in and to listen to our inner voice. An instrument played often remains in tune.

A body in motion stays in motion. A spirit that feels safe will soar. A soul that is at peace can be of service.

Don’t wait to live your life.
Don’t let someone else determine your worth
Don’t postpone your dreams.
Don’t stop chasing your dreams.
Don’t wait to speak your truth.
Don’t wait to give forgiveness.
Don’t wait to shine your beautiful light.