I’m Patty Kikos. A Workshop Facilitator, Retreat Host, Instigator of Change, Mentor for Transformation & Healer of Pain.

I’ll show you why your last big hurdle was the catalyst for your brand new Soul Alignment.

And I’ll help you charge your chakras through transformational counselling, kinesiology & healing sessions.

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But..I’m not where I want to be..

But..I’m not where I want to be..

Those of us who made new year’s resolutions 6 months ago or decided that our birthday year was going to be different / better / more abundant / more loving, have been feeling disappointed about our dreams that have yet to manifest into reality.

One thing that my numerous studies, soul searching and being a kinesiologist has shown me over the years, is that many of us are rarely where want to be or where we think we should be for 2 reasons.

Sharing, Taking & Claiming Space

Sharing, Taking & Claiming Space

I showed deference and claimed my space by taking the time to explain the difference between ‘holding the space for someone’ versus ‘taking the space from someone’.

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Trying to describe Patty Kikos is like trying to pin down a force of nature. Where does one start? During my sessions with Patty over the years, I have been able to move mental, emotional and spiritual mountains, shifted unhealthy boundaries and discovered my truth. She played a pivotal role in my learning how to hold my space unapologetically, no mean feat considering where I’d started. Thank you, Patty, for your consistent sensitivity, strength and intuitive guidance. The journey isn’t over yet!


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Patty facilitated 1:1 chakra balancing sessions and I have to say the changes I have experienced have been phenomenal.   I didn’t really know what to expect as I hadn’t practised kundalini yoga before, and it is truly a powerful, energy based yoga. Patty’s sessions have left me feeling more centred, energised and confident of my true path. Thank you Patty


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