I’m here to give you all the tools you need, so that you no longer need me, and I can retire.

You’ve just landed in my digital temple for soulful, conscious & creative visionaries from all over the world. I love that you’re here. Hello and welcome. I’m Patty. I love passionately and advocate for people ferociously. I’m an endearing fusion of being barefoot and dishevelled, but also meticulously organised.

At this point, most people will share their version of their hero story. You know the one. “I experienced this, I did such and such to overcome it, and THIS is why I’m so qualified to help you.”

I won’t be doing that. I just want to let you know that I am planning on making myself redundant, by empowering you to use the tools, navigation maps and formulas that I curate specifically for you, so that you no longer need me, and I can retire and finally become fluent in Italian and Spanish.

I’m here because I think that mainstream society doesn’t necessarily benefit all of us, and school doesn’t teach us how to disentangle elegantly from sub cultural experiences like friendships, work, and community that we inevitably outgrow.

I tried to describe how I work when I recently met someone new, and they asked if I could help their dad be less critical of them. My response was, “No, but I can show you how to be less affected by it, so that you not only care less, but also hold no resentment towards him”.

If we were friends, I’d be the one to help you write your online dating profile but wouldn’t be very good at helping you stick to your diet. I’m often late to the party with fashion trends and TV shows and tend to embrace them years after their launch.

For over 25 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients in dozens of industries who have kicked some incredibly life changing goals such as healing from toxic family patterns and narcissistic abuse, finishing a degree, recovering from depression, anxiety + addiction, writing a novel, redefining their career, and even launching successful businesses.

I have a gift for restructuring complex relationship dynamics, which is probably why my personal life is crafted with such simplicity. Sadly, my superpower does not extend to being able to program excel spreadsheets or assemble furniture.

My little family and I live close to the beach. Ocean swims help restore me. My taste is eclectic and even eccentric, with a twist of “but it has to be practical”, and I’d describe myself as a ‘gregarious introvert’, as I savour moments alone, but I also get a kick out of teaching large workshops.

I have some quirks that are endearing, and others that are annoying. I read recaps and spoilers before watching the next episode. I find it thrilling that I still get surprised, even when I know what’s going to happen. I’m notoriously hostile to passengers who are backseat drivers when I am behind the wheel and I have been known to peak at my presents before Christmas, and then re-open them all over again on the day.

 But I can channel an inordinate amount of patience when I teach or hold a session. And when it comes to people and experiences, I have a memory like an elephant. I am anthropologically and socially fascinated at what the human psyche is capable of, and I never tire of challenging society’s status quo. 

 Our capacity to transform is equal parts timing, alignment, desire, and the right connection. I believe it is innately within you to thrive, and if you feel drawn to me, maybe I’m destined to be there for part of your journey. I’ll show you how to turn your triggers into triumphs so that you recognise them when they reappear and more importantly, so that you have a permanent toolkit to transform them by yourself when I’m not around. 

 Thank you for coming to my corner of the world wide web. I’m all about personal revolution without the woo woo. I freaking love that you visited.