Happy Autumn Equinox to you my dear friend,

The days are getting shorter & slightly colder and today is one of 2 days in the year when day + night are equal in length. In a few weeks daylight savings time changes and our daylight time becomes shorter – and for me with a visual impediment, even more precious.

May the seeds you sow today with your clear intention blossom in the most beautiful way in 6 months time when we celebrate the Spring Equinox. May you reap what you sow in a way that is loving, light and full of prosperity and wisdom.

Most businesses and enterprises have mid year assessments, but they also have quarterly analyses. For some, it’s when their tax is due, for others, it’s when employee contracts get renewed.


For me, as you read last week, it’s all about decluttering and organising my digital files, which has (unsurprisingly) turned into an even bigger task than what I had originally imagined (feared).

And as always, when unnecessary clutter leaves your energetic and physical space, it makes way for new waves of inspiration and opportunities to land seamlessly. Last week was no exception, and it has provided me with the incentive to keep going.

I can’t help but notice that Mother Nature invites us to do the same when it comes to re assessing our own energy, as well as re evaluating our own goals.

It seems like it was only yesterday that I’d gone away for the Christmas and New Year break, and as I rifled through my work diary, I chuckled at how neat my writing was in early January compared to my familiar scrawl now in late March.

Today, it’s time for another evaluation. The things that I’ll be asking myself are:

  • How do I want to FEEL? Is this happening? What needs to change so I can feel more of THAT.
  • What has worked well so far this year? Did it FEEL good? Can I do more of this? HOW?
  • What has been a little disappointing this year? What do I need to change so I no longer carry / connect to that disappointed feeling?

My wish for you is that you leave enough space in your life to integrate the unexpected blessings that the Universe has planned for you. I say this because The Universe ALWAYS has greater plans for you than what you have envisioned for yourself – even if doesn’t always seem that way at first.

Sending you lots of love, as always, Patty