You’re probably drawn to this option of working with me because you’re currently traversing some tricky terrain.

The ACKNOWLEDGEMENT will uncover the ALLOWING which will help us flow into YOUR ALIGNMENT which gives us the opportunity to ANCHOR your clearing.

We must move through our pain so that we can be fully present and much like in the hero’s journey – reclaim our gift – which is really is reclaiming ourselves.

In these sessions, we discover that there is no such thing as negative energy – there is only misunderstood and untethered energy which we perceive as negative. At school, we’re taught how to conjugate verbs and are exposed to the world of mathematics, but we are not taught how to use the resources to deal with all of creation and energies.

We decide some things are good and some are bad, and that some are negative and some are positive, but what we need, is to build our circuits especially if we feel that we are attracting the same negative experience, over and over again.

Together, we will discover that there is actually an opportunity for you to look at things from a very different outlook, so you can have a changed experience by flipping your experience and observing it from a more empowered perspective.

There is nothing that is bigger than you and that you cannot manage – more often than not, it’s an energetic issue, as we are made of energy and more often than not, much like the software on our phone or on our computers, our relationship statuses need an update – yet society does not teach us how to do this.

This is where I step in and hold space for you. Once we clear your channels, you won’t see the world from a distorted energy field which at the end of the day is a very limited way of living life, for when you are integrated, you are able to transmute all kinds of experiences in your life and you can recognise them as the opportunities they are.

Emotional awareness and intelligence must be cultivated by ourselves – not by being book smart, but being soul smart. This means that we must cultivate a practice of regular auditing – checking in with ourselves, mind, body and soul – how can we edit our story? Do you check in with the seasons? Are you doing things with soul and because they feel aligned or are you moving through life on auto pilot?

My wish for you, is to be self-approved. If you do not self-validate yourself, you will struggle to be happy. At times, stepping into who you truly are can sometimes rock the boat, raise some eyebrows, or open you up to be criticised. If your energy circuits are connected to people who do not give back a positive frequency, your resources will start to deplete, as what you are looking for, really needs to be sourced from within. If you love yourself enough, you will be able to stand those waves.

Your truth will change – forcing your opinions on others is a source of suffering, as Buddha says that the greatest cause of suffering, is the constant desire for things (or people) to be different. If your happiness depends on someone seeing your way, your energy circuit is connected to a source that gives either no positive vibration back, or nothing back.

The energies of life will have to naturally balance. If you ride too much of a high wave, or are attached to feeling high all the time, when something bad or disappointing does inevitably happen, it will throw you off catastrophically. Can you remain neutral so that you can be steady, calm and not s much in flux? That way you don’t take the highs too seriously and you don’t take the lows too seriously. The extreme ups and downs of an emotional rollercoaster are not sustainable. They wear our nervous system down and then we live in a constant state of stress and anxiety.

When well-known astrologer Jonathan Cainer was repeatedly asked whether one’s destiny was written in the stars, or if it could be changed, he remarked that one’s destiny is just like a good book. In that it’s only ever going to be a good read, so long as it’s had a good edit.

In addition to using kinesiology and energy clearing techniques, I also teach you to slow down your breathing. The breath is the corner stone of our practice. It is a fundamental tool because it’s a detoxifier, neutraliser, revitaliser, and stabilizer.

Breath is the carrier of prana, or life force, and by using a wide range of breath techniques, we can use the breath to create and manage different energy states of emotional health and consciousness.

It is said that the mind becomes our monster when it becomes our master, and one key to mastering the mind is mastering the breath. The breath allows us to experience the only freedom a human being requires, and that is the freedom from our own (monster of a) mind.

It is our lifeline, what we turn to without even thinking, and what’s always there during the high highs and low lows.

I always say the breath is our entry point and our exit plan. It’s our courageous way into what scares us and our conscious way out. And we literally have a lifetime supply. Your breath will forever be your way back to you.

So let’s talk a little about our energy circuits – for in order to participate in any art of happiness, we must first understand the links between our thoughts, emotions and energy circuits.

I don’t always know where I’m going or how I’m going to get there..

But what I *do* know, is that I know how I want to feel everyday. And when my flow is off kilter, I make it my heart felt mission to burrow deep into those painful portals so that I can extract the elixir that my soul needs to embody in order to shift.

My short and long term goals will forever change, so irrespective of what I want to manifest, I need to remain present with the heavy emotions that are not so easy to process.

That is where the spaces in between can provide so much fodder for so much growth. True Alignment can only come from being present when our shadow emotions

It’s when our inner system isn’t working that we get vital information about what we need to do in order to feel good.

Can we un do what we have already done so that we can move forward?

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I hold the space for you while you release, transform, shift, re-align and balance. The reiki and energetic healing flows through your body, emotions, mind and spirit and helps you feel relaxed and at peace. It clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. It flows through the affected parts of your energy field and charging them with positive energy so that negative energy to falls away.
Through breath work and chakra balance techniques, I help you reach a state of deep relaxation so that powerful healing and transformation can occur. Your breath transports vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to all of your vital organs – and it also carries your thoughts and emotions. When you can mindfully alter the changes in your breath, you give yourself the opportunity to access a very high state of awareness. It is a consciousness that is free from fear, sadness, anger and ego.
Through counseling and kinesiology techniques, I help you balance all areas of your life – physically, personally, emotionally, financially, professionally and spiritually via your body’s muscle memory. Often during a difficult period in your life, your cellular memory is remembering a similar stressful event, and is anticipating the same outcome. Your state of balance is expressed through your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs and through your cellular memory, we transform and reprogram any fears, doubts and insecurities to hopes, dreams and aspirations.


1:1 Balance Are you feeling out of sorts or stuck in your life?
1:1 Balance Do you keep getting sick or can’t seem to shake off a bug?
1:1 Balance Wanting to deepen your current connections and relationships?
1:1 Balance Have you tried to let go of a past trauma that keeps coming back to haunt you?
1:1 Balance Are you repeating the same patterns at work or in your personal relationships?
1:1 Balance Do you find it hard to express your truth and be heard?
1:1 Balance Have you lost touch with your passion, creativity or sensuality?
1:1 Balance Do you want to have healthy boundaries in your relationships?
1:1 Balance Are you feeling stressed out and depleted?
1:1 Balance Do you worry, feel guilty or shame about past events?
1:1 Balance Are you ready to cut ties with all toxic relationships?
1:1 Balance Have you been struggling with your finances and are now ready to thrive?
1:1 Balance Need some help activating your power?
1:1 Balance Ready to see where you’re holding yourself back?
1:1 Balance Are you prepared to release expectations that have kept you feeling stuck?
1:1 Balance Do you want to release sexual trauma and abusive from your cellular memory?
1:1 Balance Need to replace outdated limiting beliefs with new ones that serve you better?


Pay now!


All transactions incur a $3 % service charge. Please email me if you’d prefer to make payment via direct debit.


I was introduced to Patty through a friend. I was not sure what to expect, but after asking for some clarification in an area of my life, Patty’s response was profound and I was left wondering “how did she know all that?”. I was in awe. Patty has a very friendly and professional nature. Her skill is like magic, I love it.

Patty is a straight to the point, beautiful and giving soul. She has so much knowledge and energy to heal and give beautiful insights into your life. In person her energy is absolutely amazing, strong, beautiful and unique. Online she gives in such a caring way and is a true healer. I would absolutely recommend her to you.

Patty is a particularly generous and gifted healer. She embodies so much love in what she does and has an amazing ability to tap into and heal energy blockages. Thank you so much Patty for my wonderful healing. xox

I love what Patty has to offer when it comes to healing on a deep level. She always does it with such grace and beauty. Thank you Patty for all your help over the years.