If the conventional blueprint you’ve been conditioned to live by isn’t working for you, then perhaps you’re ready for some tools to help you pave the way for a new life structure that is more sustainable. But mostly, full of so much more peace and joy than what you’re feeling now.

Through my offerings below, I’d love to be your mentor, and help you access your own unique embodied wisdom. Together, we’ll uncover the holding patterns that are keeping you stuck in your present life, but also from any past experiences that haven’t been cleared yet.


Have you noticed that you’re only as balanced as your last trigger? Maybe there’s a been a change in your life, relationship status, a block with your finances, or a problem communicating your truth so that you’re seen and heard. Let’s help you recalibrate your focus so that you feel clearer and more centred.


There’s stirring in your soul. A ‘knowing’ that it’s time for a change. But you’re not sure where to start, or how to traverse this journey. Let’s do this together by popping your hood, and seeing what’s beneath the surface of your subconscious beliefs. And by the end, those triggers won’t have as much power over you.


Clear and cleanse your energy circuits with a distant energy balance + integration. I’ll help you excavate unwanted energy attachments so you can alchemise your life with ease.


No problem! I have you covered with this online course that you can work through at your own pace and in your own way. Through accessible kundalini yoga (that you can do at your own pace and with your eyes closed), you’ll discover how to access your body’s energy centre’s to balance your chakra’s, clear your mind, heal yourself, magnify your light, release your blocks… and make an impact on the world!
It’s Not The Load That Breaks Us, But How We Carry It.

It’s Not The Load That Breaks Us, But How We Carry It.

Trying to balance too much can lead to stress or overwhelm. I find that when if the weight I’m carrying is too heavy a load, or I’ve been carrying it for too long, the first to go is my sense of humour. Soon after that, I become snarky and snappy, and then my tolerance (or lack thereof) moves to a whole other dimension, quite like the OPPOSITE of spiritual ascension.

The Vulnerability Of Being A Student Again

The Vulnerability Of Being A Student Again

We arrived for the training from many different states, and as is customary, did a round of intros at the beginning.

Often in introductions we think of our impressive accomplishments and try to feign a sense of nonchalance, as we relay our myriad of experiences, so that it gives off some kind impressive street cred. Well, at least I do that.

Until recently.

For the first time, I simply stated I was a student. I was here to learn, then to unlearn and to relearn all over again. And to practice. And potentially get it very wrong in front of people that had the credibility to give me constructive feedback, but also crush my ego.

There are not enough stars or words to express how wonderful Patty is. As a healer, kinesiologist, facilitator and so much more, Patty gives with her whole heart and her joyous spirit. I am so honoured to journey through this life knowing this amazing soul. Thank you for being the shining bright you that you are, Patty.


Kookaburra Dreaming

Patty is the real deal; she has a no-nonsense approach that brims with humour, sensitivity and intelligence. Going in with intention and a full heart is guaranteed to achieve results under Patty’s guidance. I cannot recommend her enough. Online, she also leads a community with generosity and warmth.


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