I’m Patty Kikos. A Workshop Facilitator, Retreat Host, Instigator of Change, Mentor for Transformation & Healer of Pain.

I’ll show you why your last big hurdle was the catalyst for your brand new Soul Alignment.

And I’ll help you charge your chakras through transformational counselling, kinesiology & healing sessions.

Come and see me for a top up, or get to know me through a 1:1 BALANCE. Or you can opt to move through one of life’s initiations with a 4 session CLEARING selection.

But if you’re really ready to up level like you’ve never done before, then an 8 session SOUL ALIGNMENT program is probably the best way to go.


No problem! I have you covered with this online course that you can work through at your own pace and in your own way. You’ll discover how to access your body’s energy centre’s to balance your chakra’s, clear your mind, heal yourself, magnify your light, release your blocks… and make an impact on the world!

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Sometimes we grieve those that are still here

Sometimes we grieve those that are still here

My friend passed away a few weeks ago. I’m so sad that I no longer see her and at the same time thrilled that she’s free from this earth and that she now has her wings. It wasn’t an accident or cancer, or any illness for that matter.  She was actually 2 months shy of...

A Qualification Doesn’t Give You Confidence

A Qualification Doesn’t Give You Confidence

When you truly embody a feeling, your discipline can be flexible, for your level of confidence is so expanded, that your trust muscle simply follows the flow of your soul. You pass the tests that could have potentially led you astray and are perfectly magnetic to receive what you yearn, irrespective of whether you are qualified or not.

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There are not enough stars or words to express how wonderful Patty is. As a healer, kinesiologist, facilitator and so much more, Patty gives with her whole heart and her joyous spirit. I am so honoured to journey in this life knowing this amazing soul. Thank you for being the shining bright you that you are, Patty.


Kookaburra Dreaming

Patty is the real deal; she has a no-nonsense approach that brims with humour, sensitivity and intelligence. Going in with intention and a full heart is guaranteed to achieve results under Patty’s guidance. I cannot recommend her enough. Online, she also leads a community with generosity and warmth.


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