Your aura represents all your chakras, health, thoughts, and emotions. It acts as a mirror for who is in your life as well as what you attract into your field.

Your aura protects you from other people’s negativity, and helps you feel sensitive to your environment. People with strong positive auras are naturally charismatic, powerful ‘manifesters’ and attract others to them. They tend to be more successful in getting things done and getting support from other people.

Dr Vanessa Hunt is a KRI certified level 1 & 2 Kundalini Yoga Teacher. She specialises in Conscious Pregnancy and is currently an Associate Teacher Trainer for KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) and the Australasian teacher training team. She is a registered Chinese Medicine Doctor/Acupuncturist and is the director of Centre for Life in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 01
What is meant for you will never go by you when you follow your heart over your head.
Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 02
How bulging discs in L4 and L5 lead Vanessa to yoga and acupuncture – and changed her life forever.
Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 03
Vanessa shares her struggles with her Throat Chakra and how it has helped her develop awareness in her auric field.
Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 04
What causes your Aura to be out of balance and what can you do to bring yourself back into equilibrium?
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Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 05
What is your neutral mind, and how does it help you hold the space for others in your personal and professional life?
Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 06
Does taking things personally and needing to be liked impact what you take on and what you project to others?
Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 07
How kundalini yoga teaches you about boundaries, to be humble and less reactive to difficult situations.
Chakra Chats Vanessa Strauss 08
How a daily practice is the foundation for everything. Without it we cannot serve others, least of al ourselves.
Rebecca is the Editor & Founder of The Daily Guru and is also their very own adoring personal development Guru. With over 10 years’ experience in international Event Management, as well as being a Life Coach, Writer, Speaker, Wellbeing Enthusiast and above all, wonderfully passionate about helping people surprise themselves.
Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 01
Although Rebecca wasn’t sure about the type of career she wanted to pursue post University, her background in events & marketing has been instrumental during her entrepreneurial journey and for the growth of her current business ‘The Daily Guru’
Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 02
The cliché of going on holidays to Australia and then subsequently moving to Bondi ultimately changed Rebecca’s life. Her personal health thrived & ultimately lead her to study life coaching. Since then, she’s been inspired to help other coaches & therapists shine their light.
Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 03
The importance of setting boundaries and learning to say ‘no’ is essential when it comes to your business thriving and not merely surviving. It’s important to recognise when something ‘feels’ uncomfortable versus your inner critic telling you that you ‘should’ be more available.
Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 04
Why does it seem harder for women to set boundaries than it is for men? How do we overcome feeling guilty or selfish for honouring our own needs before helping others?
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Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 05
How can we disconnect from the predisposition of taking on other people’s (especially clients) pain and heavy emotions?
Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 06
Water is a powerful way to clear your energy and disconnect you from other people’s auric fields – washing your hands is a great thing to do as soon as you get home.
Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 07
Change is constant, that’s why focusing on and developing your self-awareness is important during times of transition, as is befriending the shadow part of your personality.
Chakra Chats Rebecca Caines 08
Having a list of rituals to choose from is a great way of ensuring that you don’t listlessly slip into a routine where you just mindlessly go through the motions each day.


No problem! I have you covered with this online course to help you understand your energy through 8 of your key channels, also known as your chakras. It’s a self-paced road map that includes workbooks, meditations, as well as accessible kundalini yoga (that you can do at your own pace and with your eyes closed). We can’t always see the energy that we need, much like we can’t see the Wi-Fi that gives us our Internet connection, but once we have the right password, an entire galaxy of information becomes available to help us transform and recalibrate our life.

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