The solid foundations of your base chakra will determine how you overcome fear and stress.

Your base chakra is the energy centre that is associated with your stability and survival, as well as where you fit in the world. It represents your family, a secure home life, regular income, and your ability to manage your stress so that you are not overwhelmed.
Samantha Nolan-Smith is a business alignment coach and mentor. She supports women to work from a place of alignment, connecting with their true power and becoming confident business leaders that change the world for good. She’s the founder of Change the Game – a weekly podcast about doing business differently – and she runs a number online transformation programs.
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A Desire to change the world morphed into a career in corporate & environmental law and then public policy for aboriginal communities.
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How do you manage your energy when you love your job, but have to work endlessly long hours and don’t know how to stop?
Chakra Chats Samantha Nolan-Smith 03
How adrenal fatigue turned into glandular fever and ultimately taught Sam how to recharge, learn patience, manage her energy and learn not to run on adrenalin.
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Boundaries – How important are they when it comes to saying no? Stress – Does your body’s cellular memory think it’s normal to be stressed?
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Do your decisions come from fear? Do perfectionists and type a pernalities believe that everything is urgent?
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The story you have around money can impact whether or not it flows effortlessly into your life so you don’t have to hustle.
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How a daily practice of gratitude can help you manage your stress and set up your foundations so that you feel supported.
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Healing your relationship with your parents and clearing inherited wounds can help you balance your Base Chakra.
Shantelle Saiville is a Healthy Lifestyle Ambassador, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Savi Life Coach & Consultant & creator of SAVI LIFE. She is the founder of SAVI CHIX TV dedicated to girls and young women that includes some wonderful interviews with Dr. John D Martini. She is a Speaker who runs Retreats, workshops & exclusive events from all over the world.
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Shantelle believes that the stork dropped her to the wrong place, and somehow, she ended up in Canada instead of Australia. She has a hilarious karaoke story that defined her ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ moment, but also highlights her determination, as well as her ability to believe in her dreams.
Your foundation sets the scene for a healthy base chakra, and Shantelle grew up on a farm with her mum, siblings and grandparents. Despite her humble beginnings, Shantelle says: “Ever since I was a little girl, I always knew I was going to be rich.
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Our base chakra really sets the scene for our belief systems, especially our poverty consciousness versus our abundance mindset, and this can stem from inherited fears around money and wealth. As entrepreneurs, sometimes we have to up-level our tribe, especially when you’re ready to shed outdated attitudes.
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As impressionable young students, the advice we get from our teachers and mentors can leave a lasting impact for years to come. Despite being ill advised on potential University courses, Shantelle eventually discovered her dream course was offered in Melbourne, Australia.
Listen to Shantelle’s full interview by clicking the audio below
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Your base chakra is the first place that your learn to have boundaries, and this helps you when it comes to saying ‘no’, as well as not taking on other people’s fear and projections. This constant evolution comes from being able to ‘edit your story.’
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Being your authentic self is very important, because it means that your vibe will attract your tribe, and it also keeps you accountable. For instance, are you surrounded by the people you respect and admire? Does the way you live your life mean you’re thriving, or just surviving?
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Sometimes, in order to find balance in our lives, as well as appreciate the lessons that each experience teaches us, we move from one extreme to another. True abundance doesn’t just come from having money, it also stems from feeing fulfilled in our spirit.
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There’s something magical about having a daily practice. For Shantelle, it’s about taking the time to wake up slowly and to have a routine that allows her to feel worthy. This way she’s not rushing around for anyone, and has time to spend working out, in nature and with people who inspire her.


No problem! I have you covered with this online course to help you understand your energy through 8 of your key channels, also known as your chakras. It’s a self-paced road map that includes workbooks, meditations, as well as accessible kundalini yoga (that you can do at your own pace and with your eyes closed). We can’t always see the energy that we need, much like we can’t see the Wi-Fi that gives us our Internet connection, but once we have the right password, an entire galaxy of information becomes available to help us transform and recalibrate our life.

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