The third chakra has to do with our own personal power. It is where we learn to have a strong sense of ourselves and “come into our own”. The gland that corresponds to the 3rd chakra is the pancreas. The Pancreas has 2 roles in our body.  It’s an organ of the digestive system and a gland of the endocrine system.

·      The exocrine pancreas produces enzymes that help to digest food, particularly protein.

·      The endocrine pancreas makes the hormone insulin, which helps to control blood sugar levels.

When the third chakra is weak, we use power from a place of insecurity and relate to the world from our ego. Some say that the projections of the ego are influenced by the Pancreas.  When the ego is challenged, a person can unconsciously crave foods such as refined sugars or white flour, which cause spikes in blood sugar, that can help to numb a person from their higher consciousness.

Heal Your Power – You have the right to act and to be an individual when your solar plexus is balanced

Identity – Self Definition

The Demon To Conquer – SHAME

Developed From –18 Mths – 4 Years

DEFICIENT: Weak will, poor self discipline, low self esteem, victim mentality, no personal power, unreliable,

EXCESS: Controlling, overly aggressive, arrogant, prone to tantrums, competitive, righteous, addicted to stimulants


Eating disorders, ulcers, digestive disorders, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, chronic fatigue, disorders of the stomach, liver


Responsible, reliable, confident, warm, playful, sense of humour, sense of own power, good self discipline

PK_Solar_VIn Chinese Medicine, the Pancreas is also associated to the spleen as they share very similar qualities.  Many of the emotions associated with the Spleen-Pancreas revolve around: grief, victimization, breaking up, disappointments, fear of death, self-destructive tendencies, etc.

Energetically, the Pancreas has to do with the ability to allow “sweetness” into our lives. Love and gratitude are the sweetness of life. When the energy in the Pancreas is weak, people have trouble receiving love and also don’t believe they are worthy of love.

When a person cannot allow love in, they can grow bitter over time. They can feel like life is passing them by. Practicing gratitude can go a long way in healing bitterness and allowing sweetness into one’s life.

Great foods for the Pancreas that Yogi Bhajan recommended include: Buckwheat, turmeric and Mung beans & rice. For more information about healing diets, check out Yogi Bhajan’s Foods for Health and Healing.