Your third eye chakra allows you to connect to your intuition in a way that is unique to you. It also helps you access your imagination and transform your perspective.

Your third eye chakra is the energy centre that is associated with your insight and ingenuity. It represents the congruency you have between your thoughts, words, and actions as well your ability to see beyond what is physically in front of you.

Over the last 15 years Simonne Lee has honed her craft and knowledge to go from one of Australia’s most regarded life strategists and holistic practitioners to an international consultant, expert contributor and co-author, writing for a number of publications both locally and abroad. Her success has stemmed from her unique and pragmatic approach that yields enormous success for her clients.
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Simonne shares the catalyst that lead her to move from her successful massage and coaching business into animal communication.
Chakra Chats Simonne Lee 02
How do you exercise your psychic and intuition muscle so that it doesn’t overwhelm you?
Chakra Chats Simonne Lee 03
Simonne shares how she ‘switches off’, so that she doesnt energetically take on other people’s stuff.
Chakra Chats Simonne Lee 04
As we develop our intuition, it’s important that we are not attached to a logical outcome, reason or story.
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Chakra Chats Simonne Lee 05
Simonne outlines some helpful tips to practice when our Third-Eye is either ‘deficient’ or ‘excessive’ in its energy balance.
Chakra Chats Simonne Lee 06
Our subsconscious and conscious minds process lucid dreaming and dream states very differently.
Chakra Chats Simonne Lee 07
How a regular daily meditation practice helps you develop your intuitive abilities and Third Eye Chakra.
Chakra Chats Simonne Lee 08
Spending time alone and learning to pace yourself by resting when you’re not feeling well helps you manage your energy.
Julie Parker is the CEO and Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy, a published author and Tedx speaker. She is also the Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine and is the recipient of numerous awards including the Australia Day Citizenship Award and Business and Professional Women’s Woman of Achievement Award.
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Julie Parker is one of Australia’s foremost life and business coaches and trainers with more than a decade’s experience inspiring hundreds of clients and thousands of people to create beautiful lives and businesses.  She grew up in the country surrounded by many aunts and female role models that were mostly employed in caring professions, but were also incredibly community minded.
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Although initially studying to become a high school teacher, Julie’s yearning to work at a deeper level with youth lead her to complete her studies in social work.
Chakra Chats Julie Parker 03
One of the catalysts for change that inspired Julie to study coaching was how unhappy she felt, as well as how difficult she was finding it to disconnect from the stress of her job as a social worker. Her shift into becoming a life coach was not an overnight success, but a slow and steady transition.
Chakra Chats Julie Parker 04
Feeling burnt out can show up for us in many different ways. One of the ways it showed up for Julie was having a lot of transference from her clients. In recent years, she’s learned that not resting enough can negatively impact her capacity to be intuitive and a visionary.

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Your vision should be something that lights you up, because if it does, it becomes much easier to hold the space for others to shine their own light. Ensuring that you have a supportive team also means that others can hold the space for you as you transition, heal and restore your energy.
Chakra Chats Julie Parker 06
Welcoming your emotions as teachers helps you process them at a much deeper level. Life is about change, and its very normal for us to outgrow our coping mechanisms as we change and develop.
Chakra Chats Julie Parker 07
Befriending your shadow is a very sophisticated form of learning, especially if you can befriend the darker side of your personality. There’s a wonderful liberation that comes from learning to love and embrace our greatest teacher.
Chakra Chats Julie Parker 08
A self care routine doesn’t have to mean that you do the same thing every day, especially if you’re forcing yourself to go against the grain of your personality. Not everybody thrives in a structured environment, in fact, some people need variety in their daily practice in order to remain connected to their intuition.


No problem! I have you covered with this online course to help you understand your energy through 8 of your key channels, also known as your chakras. It’s a self-paced road map that includes workbooks, meditations, as well as accessible kundalini yoga (that you can do at your own pace and with your eyes closed). We can’t always see the energy that we need, much like we can’t see the Wi-Fi that gives us our Internet connection, but once we have the right password, an entire galaxy of information becomes available to help us transform and recalibrate our life.

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