Have you ever heard the myth that there are actually 3 versions of a story? There’s one person’s account, the other person’s rendition, and then there’s what actually happened.

It’s a bit like how Harry has whinged about how difficult his privileged life has been, his father Charles claims that recollections may vary, and the rest of us oscillate between wishing this would stop, yet are also curious as to how this saga will end.

As I’ve gotten older and more reflective of my past experiences, including my strong beliefs and points of view, I’ve become more comfortable with holding a more nuanced and less rigid perspective on my opinions.

But don’t get me wrong, this hasn’t necessarily made more flighty or fickle with my opinions. When it comes to equality, feminism, or even how to pronounce certain words, my strong beliefs are the stepping stones that lead to the hill that I will likely die on.

But then there’s moments where I catch myself and do a complete 180.

For instance, did you hear the story about how Lululemon stood by their decision to fire two employees who tried to intervene during a theft at one of its stores?

The headline piqued my interest as I had been an ‘ambassador’ for them during my tenure as a full time yoga teacher, before deciding that their marketing agenda didn’t actually align with my personal values. After all, nobody needs that much active wear in their life, nor should they be co-erced to purchase it at such exorbitant prices. Amiright?


But I digress. Back to my outrage.

After my grumbles of how greedy corporations with their coal powered factories neglect the people on the frontline who have to work in artificial light, greet customers in a false peppy upbeat voice while the tunes of music you have come to hate is blaring through the speakers..

I took the liberty of doing my research and discovered that in 2011, a Lululemon staffer was killed by another worker in a brutal stabbing in Bethesda, Maryland. The killer, later convicted of first-degree murder, had initially reported that thieves committed the crime.

It seems I may have been a little hasty with my judgement.

After a backlash from people responding in a similar way that I had, the CEO of the company made a statement outlining their “Zero tolerance policy that we train our educators on around engaging during a theft. Why? Because we put the safety of our team and of our guests front and centre, after all, it’s only merchandise.”

Did ya hear that?! It’s only merchandise!!

As economic fears grow amid inflation and rising borrowing costs, incidents of retail crime are accelerating. And when dealing with unpredictable and violent people committing these crimes, putting employees or customers lives at risk is just not worth it. It doesn’t warrant the intervention of a SWAT, a hostage negotiator or tactical response team.

And just like that, I got it, and embraced my 180 change of mind.

I have also done this with ‘rules’ about pets on couches, not giving devices to children I look after, choosing routes with exorbitant tolls and more recently, embracing “old people fashion choices” I’d previously vowed to avoid. My golden years are going to be very eccentric at this rate..

Til next time, I hope we cross paths soon,

Patty Kikos

P.S. Speaking of 3 points of view, I had my first threesome on the latest podcast episode where I interviewed 2 guests instead of 1!

Sisters Marissa and Lauren are the co-founders of Careseekers, an online marketplace, connecting people looking for in-home carers, with people looking for work as care or support workers.

They share stories of how a carer can potentially have a very unique outlook of what may have transpired with the care of their loved one, compared to the support worker who has a completely different perspective of their client.

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