Hi there!

Thanks for booking in your session for the 8 hour Soul Alignment journey with me, I’m really honoured and equally excited to hold this transformational space with you over the next 2 months. Remember – you can schedule your sessions in any way you like. Some people like to do 2 hours at a time, other prefer to see me twice a week – it’s up to you!

You will have received an email from my scheduling tool confirming the time and date of your appointment (check your spam folder in case you haven’t!).

If this is your first session for this particular series, please confirm your email address in the next email so that I can send you a detailed questionnaire that will help me plan your 8 week journey. Please also add me on Skype (patty.kikos).

This way I can meditate on you each time before we meet so that once I see you, we can get straight into the clearing process without wasting any unnecessary time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Chat soon, Patty Kikos