You believe in the transformational power of energy medicine, but more so in the practical elements of embodied wisdom. You’re here because you want to make a difference in the world and you don’t want your legacy to be marred by old outdated stories based on grief, guilt, exhaustion, shame or fear.

It’s my mission to help you align with your divine, light up your potential and shine brightly in the world. I want to help you see that you are so worthy. So valuable. And so needed in this world.

And I bet this aint your first spiritual rodeo – you’re likely already familiar with self-development courses. And while you admire the bikini clad yogi who posts pics of themselves contorting into pretzels on Instagram – that’s not really what yoga is for you.

You’re probably a multi passionate visionary who has a busy schedule, and somewhere along the way while you were busy holding the space for everyone else, your own energy balance got a little skewed. I want to support you to “go there” so that you can easily fulfill your life purpose in ALL aspects of your world.

You are a walking autobiography of every experience & thought that you’ve ever had, every worry, sensation & emotion you have experienced, and every yearning that is part of your heart & soul. A one-on-one balance session can help you stay clear, focused and healthy.


It’s a personal healing session that gives you the tools to release stress, speak your truth, assert your boundaries, embrace your power, trust your intuition, achieve your goals, manifest abundance, unlock your creativity and open your heart. Together, we will reprogram old patterns that have gotten you stuck in the past so that you can align with your divine.


I ask you to send me an email of what you’d like to work on and then I meditate on you on the morning of our session. This way, when we meet up we can get straight into clearing + shifting any blocks that have shown up so that you can start to feel clearer and more aligned as quickly as possible.


I work with people that are passionate and have a strong spiritual connection.I’m personally and professionally aligned with individuals who are prepared to enter a sacred space that allows them to be accountable for their truth, free from judgment or pain.It is my hope that your intention is to transform your perspective so you feel empowered by the wonder of your own unique soul.


Are you feeling out of sorts or stuck in your life?
Do you keep getting sick or can’t seem to shake off a bug?
Have you tried to let go of a past trauma that keeps coming back to haunt you?
Are you repeating the same patterns at work or in your personal relationships?
Do you find it hard to express your truth and be heard?
Have you lost touch with your passion, creativity or sensuality?
Are you feeling stressed out and feeling depleted?
Do you worry, feel guilty or shame about past events?
Have you been struggling with your finances?

I hold the space for you while you release, transform, shift, re-align and balance. The reiki and energetic healing flows through your body, emotions, mind and spirit and helps you feel relaxed and at peace. It clears, straightens and heals the energy pathways, thus allowing the life force to flow in a healthy and natural way. It flows through the affected parts of your energy field and charging them with positive energy so that negative energy to falls away.

Through breath work and chakra balance techniques, I help you reach a state of deep relaxation so that powerful healing and transformation can occur. Your breath transports vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals to all of your vital organs – and it also carries your thoughts and emotions. When you can mindfully alter the changes in your breath, you give yourself the opportunity to access a very high state of awareness. It is a consciousness that is free from fear, sadness, anger and ego.

Through counseling and kinesiology techniques, I help you balance all areas of your life – physically, personally, emotionally, financially, professionally and spiritually via your body’s muscle memory. Often during a difficult period in your life, your cellular memory is remembering a similar stressful event, and is anticipating the same outcome. Your state of balance is expressed through your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs and through your cellular memory, we transform and reprogram any fears, doubts and insecurities to hopes, dreams and aspirations.

You can see my availability and schedule your session at a time that suits you best by following the prompts below:

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Finding the right words to describe Patty Kikos is so much fun because she is truly such an earth angel. Her whole soul is filled with love and she always beams a big beautiful bright light and has the most infectious smile and laugh.

I found Patty about 8 years ago when I was at my lowest point suffering with depression and anxiety and being able to attend her classes where I could stretch my soul, move my body and meditate for my mind was honestly such a blessing.

She helped me to feel grounded, centred and in my body and she taught me how important happiness and self love is for everyone.


Mommy's Intuition

Her ability to nurture you AND make you stop running from your truth – even when it’s painful. Somehow she makes it feel safe and OK to sit with it. This is definitely a judgement-free, all-embracing, warts-and-all love fest – and it’s inevitably what we all need.

Whether she’s gently enquiring, playfully prodding or downright digging – she’ll get to the bottom of whatever needs to come up, AND somehow make it feel comfortable – giving it a new place and a new direction. Lovingly wrapped bespoke affirmations. A way forward, when I’d been going in circles.Go.Just go to this amazing woman. And feel infinitely better – for a very long time afterwards.




more confidence


more focus


more clarity

When you can welcome your feelings as teachers, every emotion has the potential to bring good news, even the ones that are painful.