Like most dates, leap years aren’t usually a big deal – unless a loved one passes away or you’re born on the 29th February, or you decide you want to get married on that day.

This is the case for my celebrant clients getting married today. She celebrated her b’day tomorrow, he celebrated it yesterday and today is the day that they’ll be getting married – in honour of the anniversary of when they first met 4 years ago.

Pretty cool huh?

And leap years mean different things in different cultures. According to an old Irish legend, or possibly history, St Brigid struck a deal with St Patrick to allow women to propose to men – and not just the other way around – every four years.

This is believed to have been introduced to balance the traditional roles of men and women in a similar way to how the leap day  balances the calendar.

In Scotland, it used to be considered unlucky for someone to be born on leap day, just as Friday the 13th is considered an unlucky day by many. Greeks consider it unlucky for couples to marry during a leap year, and especially on Leap Day.

People born on February 29 are all invited to join The Honor society of Leap Year Day Babies. According to the Guinness Book of Records, there are Leap Day World Record Holders both of a family producing three consecutive generations born on February 29 and of the number of children born on February 29 in the same family.

But this year I’ve also been taking my own leap of faith and one exciting outcome is the launch of my brand new site. I would like to formally introduce you to’s little baby sister.

Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to the enigmatic social butterfly – 

Chakra Chats & International Womens Day

She was conceived late last year and has birthed today in honour of the leap of faith that I have taken both in my business and in my personal life.

As someone who has spent most of her life being a loner, I am feeling a new surge of energy that is inspiring me to share, collaborate and celebrate my fellow soulful entrepreneurial sisters.

From 29 Feb – 8 March, I will be sharing many of their stories, words of wisdom and embodied inspirations through my social media channels, but wanted to announce it to you, my beloved tribe member first.

As a way of commemorating my new site along with the 128 epic videos (ok, now I’m just boasting!), I also want to honour International Womens Day, so I’m offering the entire e-course for $147 instead of the usual $395.

To be honest, there’s a lot that I’m celebrating in my life at the moment and my gratitude for all that I have and for those who I share it with has a lot to with you.

I hope you find my friends’ journeys as inspiring as I do –

Sending love, as always – Patty xx