A message from Don Mariano Quispe, elder paco of the Q’ero: via K’anchaq sonqo – Heart of light thank you so much for sharing this important info…

12~12~12 and 21~12~12

Don Mariano Quispe-Patty KIkosAccording to the prophecies of the paqos (which source from the Inka lineage), the forthcoming date of 12~12~12 is a ‘portal’ day – a day that provides a doorway through which we can experience and cultivate increased access to ourselves within all layers of our beings, and most potently, with access to our inner stars.
Don Mariano Quispe, of the Q’ero Lineage, shares that our inner stars are connected to our souls and link us with the kawsay pacha (world of living energy) and with the cosmos, in its infinite seen and unseen manifestations.
Each of our inner stars holds information about where we came from and where we are going. It carries information about our biological lineages and about our spiritual lineages. It is like a guiding star – or a guiding light: illuminating the pathways of our souls from the past (as informed by our bioligical lineages and by our past lifetimes) through the present and into the future.
By shining light through our biological and our spiritual lineages, our inner stars can help us to stay focused on our souls’ plans and on our divine contracts.
Our inner stars can illuminate areas from our past (including past generations and past lives) that are infused with hucha (heavy energy), like emotional hurts from our childhood or physical trauma, etc.
Our inner star can reveal these areas of hucha to us, and support us to align with cleansing and illuminating our past so that our present and future can be clean and clear and radiant.
Don Mariano encourages us to work with our ‘planets’ – with our energy bodies – on 12/12/12, and to make contact with our inner stars. He invites us to receive and retrieve information from our inner stars with the intention of aligning more fully and expansively with our souls and with the offerings that our souls wish to make in the world during our lifetime.
We can even use our inner stars like light beams, shining them on our pasts and on our futures, to see clearly the gifts and the treasures and gems; and using them to step out from the shadows (including our own shadows) and into the full brilliance of the truth of our souls.
The Q'ero-Patty-KikosThe paqos have been encouraging us to delve deep and to do our cleansing and clearing work for the past several years in anticipation and preparation for these very times and dates – 12/12/12 and 12/21/12 – that are upon us.
And they know that we have been doing our work – to clear our energy bodies so that they vibrate with increased spaciousness.
They commend us for our work.
They are now encouraging us to grow and expand the light of our inner stars, filling the planets of our energy bodies with this light.
It is time.
It is time to be the light – the luminosity – that we have been looking for.
We are ready, and it is time.

— Don Mariano Quispe,
translated by Dennis Alejo Mango