Patty-Kikos-Divine-Timing-Heal-Detox-Sugar-Free-YogaHave you ever been at the right place at the right time? It’s such an extraordinarily powerful and synchronistic feeling.

  • Things like getting to the bust stop just as your bus pulls up.
  • Arriving at a party at the same time as your favourite people.
  • Meeting your great love amidst the craziest of circumstances.
  • Finding a yoga class or an energy healer that helps you transform your life completely.

Divine Timing also assists us when we are changing jobs, moving house, ending a relationship or embarking on a healing transformation. The latter is most poignant for me at the moment.

My life long addiction with sugar is (once again) coming to an end. Our liver meridian benefits greatly from being cleansed in Spring and I’m going to mindfully eliminate the processed sugar that has burdened it for so many years.

Despite many attempts in the past, the timing is right for me now. Sarah Wilson has put together a fabulous online program and I am benefiting greatly from this community of like-minded people. (Week 2 already – hurrah!)

For 6 of the weeks, I will be eliminating sugar from my diet completely in order to allow my body to recalibrate, before re introducing natural sugars like fruit. The yogi in me is taking it in my stride as though it is a 40 day sadhana.

The healer in me intellectually knows that craving something sweet outside of me is not giving my soul the opportunity to find it within me, so now it’s time for my cellular memory to catch up.

When we unconsciously crave foods such as refined sugars or white flour, which cause spikes in blood sugar, it can help to numb us from our higher consciousness.

In a few weeks I’ll also be teaching a Spring Clean workshop that will help you shift your perspective, boost your nervous system and renew your spirit for spring.

Together, we will share a beautiful sequence that is will cleanse & rejuvenate the liver meridian and help you release the heavy emotions you no longer wish to carry. CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE.