patty-kikos-i-quit-sugarBut for real this time. You see, my dad was the forklift driver for the confectionary companies Lifesavers and Nestle. As a result, my family had access to a plethora of chocolate and candy that was always at our disposal. The fact that I am not diabetic or obese is a small miracle. So I Quit Sugar. Again.

However, I’ve been a chronic migraine sufferer for years and recently, my dermatologist confirmed that some of the spots that resemble boils on certain parts of my body are in fact acne. My naturopath and acupuncturist (family, friends, healers) have all suggested I cut out sugar from my diet at different intervals of my life.

It’s always been something I’m gonna /would/could/ should do. In fact, I have even made several halfhearted attempts to do this in the past. Each endeavor lasted for a few weeks and ended up with me munching my regular sugary processed snacks.

The main reason it never worked before? Possibly because I never really wanted to give up the sweetness that I was so addicted to. I figured my general lifestyle was already fairly healthy so a few secret indulgences couldn’t really hurt. Why should I be punished for something I hadn’t done wrong?

Except that the migraines continued.

Intellectually, I knew that craving the sweetness outside of me meant that I wasn’t acknowledging the sweetness within me. As clichéd as that sounds, relying on something external to fill you internally doesn’t allow the opportunity for you to acknowledge and develop your own power. It would be like constantly needing to be validated by someone else for the work you’ve done.

Your pancreas is the gland that is associated with your solar plexus chakra – the energy centre responsible for your drive, will, confidence and power.  Sugar intake creates a vicious cycle that makes you crave more sugar. When you consume a lot of it, your bloodstream floods with glucose. This makes your pancreas produce insulin to process it – but it will produce insulin as though the sugar will stay in your system for several hours.

When the sugar rush ends, your blood will have extra insulin. It responds by craving more sugar to help it deal with the insulin. Eating sugar excessively can lead to diabetes, which can increase the risk of liver disease.

Overcoming addictions no matter how big or small can be tricky. In the case of my sugar compulsion, I’ve chosen a process that is mindful, nurturing and kind. It also promotes a sense of responsibility and awareness, much like my daily morning meditation. This is why I’m incredibly grateful to Sarah Wilson for creating the 8 week I Quit Sugar Program. ( We are currently in week 4)

I’ve decided to view it as something as simple as changing a few habits. I still eat chocolate; I just make it myself instead of buying it. I still have treats, they just happen to be free of sugar. It’s like when I first got my dog, and all of a sudden I had to factor 2 walks a day into my time management. These strides are now a part of my life.

Finding the sweetness in life without sugar is now is also part of my daily practice. A ‘sadhana’ is a conscious daily practice. In kundalini yoga, we often practice a kriya (a sequence of exercises) or a meditation for 40 consecutive days, as it’s said it takes 40 days to change a habit.

I often select the set or the meditation that I want to work with for 40 days based on what I’d like to heal or clear in my life. It helps me take responsibility for myself and set the tone for each day by clearing any debris in my head, acknowledging any uncomfortable emotions that have come up, and restoring them as best I can so that I don’t carry any heaviness during the day.

patty-kikos-iquit-sugar-sarah-wilsonSpringtime is associated with a sense of cleansing and a renewed spirit. It’s the time for new beginnings and is also the time when our liver meridian is activated. It’s responsible for detoxifying, nourishing, replenishing, and storing blood. It also acts to energize the blood by releasing stored sugar.  When the liver functions smoothly, the body also runs smoothly.