Hello love bug, it feel like ages since I was last in touch!

To be honest, I’m still coming down from a high since hosting my retreat last weekend. During our closing circle, we each shared different aspects of the deep gratitude we felt for so many different parts of our lives.

For many years, I maintained an existence that was very cerebral because of how important it was for me to ‘make sense’ of so many variables in my life at the time.

It's easier to give when you're already full

The transition into a heart centred space was one that I initially felt a lot of resistance towards. The is probably why it took a long time for me to ease into a reality that was not only heart centred, but loving, kind, empathetic and compassionate.

It was difficult for me to extend these emotions towards others when I was struggling to emanate them for myself. After all, wasn’t it Albert Einstein that said that problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them?

As is evidenced by a balanced heart chakra, once we fill ourselves up with what we need, what we share with others is a natural extension of ourselves that does not drain or deplete us – (provided that we are clear with our boundaries).

Life is still providing me with opportunities to continually cultivate a greater depth in my awareness of self through the lessons I choose to expand from, and while it isn’t always easy, my transitions flow much easier than they used to.
The more grateful I feel about my life, the closer my life moves toward my intentions.

When referencing a personal transition or an aspect of my career, I’ve often used the phrase “I missed the boat” or “that ship has well and truly sailed”, and I can’t help but think that it’s an ironic reference given that this is not the land of my ancestors, and that both of my parents sailed to this country in the late 60’s when Sydney, Australia was in dire need of factory workers.

My relatives in Europe do not have the same opportunities that I have and as a result I used to carry a feeling of guilt that has since been transformed into a greater sense of responsibility. I’m sure it has played a key role in the decisions I have made in my professional life.

It’s certainly a motivating factor for many of my political beliefs and for my yearning to be of greater service. While I may have “missed the boat” regarding some opportunities, the fact that I have been “in the right place, in the right time” because I was born in this country has far outweighed any negative experiences.

And while I have a deep yearning to be of even greater service, this Saturday I will be contributing to charity by teaching a yoga class for Oxfam’s ‘Right To Refuge Campaign’. Everyone deserves to live in safety. And everyone has the right to seek refuge when their safety and dignity is threatened.

I’d love it if you came along and joined me and like minded souls to engage with our local community in Coogee and make connections with other individuals who share similar beliefs in a safe and inclusive space. We will have the privilege to hear from a refugee about their experience seeking safety in Australia and collaborate in the making of a group mandala which will be shared with our local Kingsford Smith MP Matt Thistlethwaite. You can book in right here.
Gratitude is a feeling that creates miracles when tapped into on a daily basis. It has the power to transform your reaction to events so that you don’t get stuck repeatedly affirming how negative your boss is, how your partner doesn’t support you, how you don’t make enough money or how you don’t like your connection to yourself, a situation, a person or an event.

Feeling grateful is the way to attract circumstances into your life that will manifest your goals, intentions and desires. Feeling grateful about something not happening the right way helps you transform the connection you have to a negative person, situation or event so that your frequency shifts by elevating.
By extending gratitude, you have taken the first step in reprogramming your cellular memory so that you are no longer a victim, but a powerful creator and manifester who takes responsibility for themselves.
Our DNA can be reprogrammed by words and frequencies as science has proven that DNA substance in living tissue will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used.
This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, mantras, chanting, NLP, kinesiology and hypnosis can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language. As I type all this information about the power of gratitude to you, I am told of Louise Hay’s passing – the woman responsible for opening me up to the limitless possibilities of a daily gratitude practice. May you fly freely with the angels sweet soul.

Over 20 years ago, Louise inspired me with her infamous book “You Can Heal Your Life’, and continued (continues) to inspire me on my journey as a soulful wellness entrepreneur. She was an incredible visionary and advocate. Everyone who had the privilege to meet her, either in person, or through her words, felt her passion for serving others, and I’m so blessed to have met her in my life. Here are some of my favorite affirmations you might also enjoy.

“I turn every experience into an opportunity”
“May I love and accept myself just as I am”
“I am the author of my life”
“I am willing to see my magnificence”
“I am greeted by love wherever I go”
“I am dancing with joy, my life is wonderful”
“It’s alright. It’s only change, and I am safe”
“I am worth loving”
“Saying no means you know your limits”
“I am a joyful happy human being”
“Today I gladly give away that which I no longer need”
“I deserve to have personal happiness and I accept it now”
“My good is constantly coming so I relax and enjoy my life”
“I am an open channel for creative ideas”
“Every obstacle is a stepping stone. My good can’t be stopped”
“With every breath I take, I am getting healthier and healthier”
“I open new doors to life”
“Abundance flows freely through me”

Sending you so many blessings for any transition you make during this auspicious time,
Patty Kikos