Do you ever feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster because..

  • You get frustrated, sad, angry and sometimes really lonely
  • You’re overwhelmed
  • You aren’t where you think you “should” be in life
  • You’re riddled with doubt and insecurity
  • Your direction is very unclear to you
  • You no longer trust your instincts
  • You’re completely and utterly exhausted
  • You know that you need to make some big changes, but how?
  • Your boundaries are either non-existent, or constantly get stomped on
  • You’re no longer sure that this career / relationship is right for you
  • You no longer have that drive that used to fuel you
  • You’ve hit a glass ceiling and can’t seem to progress further
  • You’re plagued with feelings of comparison, jealousy or competition
  • You feel like you are unworthy or not good enough
  • You’re feeling pressured to be who you’re not, in order to be accepted
  • You feel conflicted about being seen, and fear being judged

I feel you
I see you
I *am* you!

And the main difference between us, is that I have access to sacred teachings and transformational tools. They’re potent in their power and accessible in their simplicity, but most of all.. they really REALLY work.

THIS is why I want to share them with you. Not only to help you on your path by giving you clarity on your journey of evolution and healing. But to help you embody the wisdom in your experiences, so that you too can create a healing ripple effect in ALL of your relationships.

The framework of this course is sturdy. Not only because of the alchemy it brings to each of your experiences, but in addition to my support, you have a safe container where you can be seen and valued for the unique gifts that only YOU can bring to this world.

For many of us, rising in our transformation is both a calling and a challenge.

But it doesn’t have to be. Happiness is your birthright, as is healing from pain and adversity. It is 100% achievable, whether you’re “formally” qualified in the art of healing or not.

This course is built on a foundation that will lovingly keep you accountable among a select group of 8 like-minded women. Each month when we meet, you will receive some new information to help you gain insights and a new perspective about where you’re at in your life.

While this knowledge carries a lot of depth, each module is taught intentionally, so that you don’t feel overloaded. In order to help you integrate this wisdom, I’ll be emailing you recaps each Wednesday. This will help you traverse the rocky terrain of change that used to be really tricky for you.

The 6 MONTH SOUL SUPPORT program will help you:

Embrace Your Individuality
Expand Your Sovereignty
Embody Your Wisdom

I’ve created a program that It’s time for you to be seen and valued for who YOU are, and the unique skills that only YOU can share from YOUR past experiences.

I know what it takes to be a successful free spirit, a pioneer in a new way of life, or a visionary who doesn’t want to conform to society’s bullshit norms. I know what it’s like to finally stop chasing your tail.

I also know that in order to embody our lessons, we often have to go through the rite of passage that means oscillating between extremes before we find our own unique balance. (Hello excessive partying versus workaholic tendencies).

I know what it’s like to break family moulds and reprogram old ancestral wounds. I know how it feels to be in debt, move past deep-seated shame and fear, as well as to feel alone in a deep quest to pursue your burning ambition.

But you know what else I know? I also know how it feels to have traversed all that. I know how powerful it feels to live a life of fulfillment – not because I wake up feeling perfect every day, but because when I don’t, I have easy access to the tools that lovingly help me find my way.

I want this for you as well. Let’s link arms and build rapport. Let’s reprogram those pesky bad habits. Let’s clear the cache of your cellular memory because it’s now time for your inner and outer worlds to be harmoniously in sync and in an effortless alignment.

The world needs more people like YOU.
Let’s rise up together!


This is where you will start to understand how to master your ENERGY BANK & strengthen your nervous system. We will journey through your spirit’s seasonal shifts, and you will understand the alchemy that lies beneath a RUT or a ROCK BOTTOM.


We discover the first element of WATER and how you can harness it’s power during your darker times and. You will also clear many of your subconscious blocks that connect you to shame and empower your INNER CHILD so that you can magnify your sense of worth.


Becoming familiar with the WOOD element helps you harness the powerful alchemy of anger and projections. You’ll discover how when you feel triggered, it’s because this represents something you had to reject about yourself and place in your SHADOW.


Once you become familiar with the passion in the FIRE element, you’ll connect to your natural charisma and joy by charging the 4 governing organs. You will clear blocks from our lineage & unlock our purpose and conscious identity through FAMILY HEALING techniques.


The EARTH element is a steady source that keeps you grounded, so long as your foundations are supportive, and aligned with your beliefs and values. You will release what is no longer serving you so that setting BOUNDARIES is easier and no longer depletes you so much.


The final element of METAL will teach you about the depth of your feelings and how it converses with the calling of your soul. We will explore the art of UPLEVELLING by integrating all of our wisdom from previous gatherings to embody our unique gifts.

Our journey is lush, supportive, and deep.
We’ll move at a spacious yet steady pace

You’ll Experience:

  • Kinesiology Hacks That Are Easy To Apply
  • Teachings From The 5 Element Theory
  • Energy Medicine & Sacred Movement
  • Accessible Kundalini Yoga Sessions
  • Mantra Meditations To Fine Tune Your Frequency
  • Life Altering Breathwork Techniques
  • Reiki Programs To Help You Integrate Your Knowledge
  • Inner Child Work To Clear Your Emotional Pain
  • Befriending Your Shadow To Magnify Your Light
  • Plugging Your Pain Portals To Boost Your Energy
  • Clearing Subconscious Blocks Via Family Healing Techniques
  • Uplevelling Your Magnetism Through Clearer Boundaries
  • Reclaiming Your Archetypal Identities

Your investment is VALUE PACKED as you get over 30
hours with me for a fraction of a 1:1 session!!

You’ll Experience:

Strictly Limited To ONLY 8 Co Collaborators
6 x Monthly Face to Face Meetings (10am -4pm)
The Venue – SOULSPACE: 3/191 Bronte Rd, Waverley 2022
Weekly Wednesday Roundups Via Email From Me
Email Access To Me To Celebrate Your Successes & Refine Your Goals


You’re ready to shift and step away from the pain of the past
You want to make serious changes to your life
You’re sick of feeling stuck
You want to be part of a carefully chosen supportive community
You’re willing to commit to your growth and wellbeing
You want to clear self-limiting beliefs and patterns
You’re SO READY to shift mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually
You’ve been craving a deeper relationship with yourself, and with life as a whole.
Exploring your inner realms – even the challenging parts – is curious to you


You’re not ready to be accountable
You ‘already know all this’
You’re not prepared to take action
You’d hate the thought of looking at challenging parts of yourself
You have a schedule that’s already TOO FULL
You’re resistant to change
You hate all day workshops
The idea of doing the inner work sounds like your worst nightmare
You have no desire to shift any part of your life

Do you have questions?
Good! Let’s make sure this is the right for you..

What if I can’t attend all sessions?

Your attendance is your responsibility and the choice to join the program, is ultimately up to you. If you cannot physically be present, we can certainly arrange to connect via Skype or by Zoom 🙂

How do I know if this is right for me?

That’s something that only you can answer.

Do I need prior yoga experience?

Not at all. Any movement we do will be at our own pace with our eyes closed.

Where are the sessions held?

Our 6 monthly sessions will be held from 10am – 4pm at:
SOULSPACE: 3/191 Bronte Rd, Waverley 2022

Will I have homework in between our gatherings?

You won’t have any ‘official’ homework that you need to hand in. For your convenience, I’ll be sending a weekly roundup email each Wednesday between our sessions. This will help you remember all the new teachings.

Why is this only open to 8 participants?

I have chosen to work with an intimate group so that we can delve deeper into the processes and so that I have the opportunity to energetically clear any blocks that come up with reiki, re align your aura and balance your chakras throughout the day for all 8 participants.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the intimate nature of this gathering, I don’t offer refunds as there are so few places that are available. Should an opportunity to offer a transfer to someone else come up, I am open to exploring this, but only if this energetically aligns with the rest of the group.

Are payment plans available?

They sure are! The best value is the full payment, or 3 fortnightly payments of $700. Full payment must be received by the start of the course and if you require an alternate payment plan, please email me at so that we can discuss this together.

What happens after I pay?

Hooray! You will officially be enrolled and I will email you with more information.

What are the dates for each Sunday section?

We will meet from 10am -4pm on the following Sunday’s:

Sunday 22 March
Sunday 19 April
Sunday 17 May
Sunday 21 June
Sunday 19 July
Sunday 16 August

Still have questions I didn’t answer?

Some truly wonderful people have said some incredible things about my work. Below are their words:

I’m Patty, and I’ve worked in the wellness industry for over 20 years.

My qualifications range from, but are not limited to, being a yoga and meditation teacher, Reiki master, energy healer, social worker, kinesiologist, counsellor and.. I’ve even moonlighted as a wedding celebrant!

I’ve transitioned from being a domestic violence counsellor and teaching dance and public yoga classes, to managing my own thriving practice that includes reiki trainings, as well as sold out wellness workshops and retreats.

And in that time, I’ve refined how I manage my time, recalibrate my energy but most of all, continued learning and expanding my passion for healing.

The desire for me to teach this program outside of my 1:1 session has been brewing for a while.. It’s time to share these tools publicly.

To be able to tap into the Universal flow that aligns to your soul’s purpose, you need to feel supported as you navigate the new tools and adjust to the updated wisdom that you will start to embody during your personal transformation.

Paypal Fees Apply
Paypal Fees Apply
 Love you and all that you do. Thank you for helping me stand in my power. And know that I am worth it
 Thank you for being such a radiant beacon of light and inspiration and authenticity. You have inspired and reassured me many times

Need to chat to me about a payment plan?