When the hustle is a hassle, is it time to connect to your heart so that life flows a little easier? I just love how language evolves. Popular euphemisms are a sign of the times we live in, and in the case of my landlord who uses ‘Gas’ to describe something appealing, also a sign of the times we left behind.

This is how I feel about the word ‘hustle’. For a time I LOVED using it. I (often) had to hustle so I wouldn’t be late, or I had to get my hustle on so I could promote my business. Except that ‘hustling’ is now a hassle for me.

I just don’t wanna play anymore. I no longer want to go against the grain of my personality to get somewhere. Or be something. Or someone. Hustling has officially reached its expiry date. But there is much that I have learned from this.

Like when it no longer ‘feels’ right

You know when you have a dynamic with someone or something, yet in recent months that person has started to irritate you, or going to work no longer fills you with joy?

This is your soul’s way of telling us that it’s probably time to refine your boundaries and make some changes. Pushing those niggles aside won’t make them go away, in fact they’ll just keep trying to get your attention.

Or when your heart just isn’t in it anymore

This is when we stop getting pleasure from that thing / person / place that we loved once upon a time.  After a bunch of unfulfilled jobs, I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I would do what I absolutely loved for a living.

So when the time came, and I no longer wanted to wear my beautiful Brazilian head dress when I danced, and then subsequently realised I could no longer continue to work for the charity I was employed by as a social worker, in hindsight, I have to admit that it was one of the most terrifying times in my life.


Obviously the content of this post and my love for vintage make this poster appropriate 😉

Sometimes we’re defined by what we DON’T do 

Last week, I was watching a video where the speaker said ‘No is a complete sentence.’ I love that. Permission not to have to explain is officially granted. Saying ‘yes’ to something or someone in-case-we-don’t-get-another-opportunity, is living a life based on fear instead of trust.

So if you keep saying yes to sloppy seconds, the Universe will think that it’s what you truly want, and will continue dishing out those opportunities that aren’t quite right, with the people that aren’t exactly on your wavelength.

There’s an art to letting go

Life responds according to what you constantly say, so if you’re always lamenting about the state of your relationship, or complaining about how much you hate your job, you will continue to manifest scenarios that will re enforce this.

But when you let go of all that, and start affirming what you want – THAT’S when the Universe hustles to make it happen for you. And when you let go of what you no longer want, there’s enough room in your life for your true desires to land magically.

Here’s to powerful and clear manifestations – tell me, how have YOU stopped hustling? Share your stories in the comments below.

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