Whoa! How about this uncharacteristically SCORCHING summer we’re having in Sydney?

This intense heat has seen me surrender to a few extra days off so that my body doesn’t over fry (since my brain decided to switch off – has this happened to you or am I going crazy??)

When choosing happiness is good start

The transformational lunar eclipse we experienced in Leo over the weekend also had me pondering on what it is I need to release in order to be of greater service to both myself and to humanity.

After all, in the words of George Leonard: “The work we do on ourselves is the work we do on the world” and its a sentiment that I can relate to very much.

Surprisingly (and happily), the messages that have come to the surface from my guidance have been considerably more gentle and loving than the ones I’m used to receiving.

Maybe I’m (finally) softening and less inclined towards attracting hard core experiences (and people) as I have been in the past.

In fact, last week I experienced a feeling of anger during an exchange with a loved one. You know the one. The kind of bad boy that has your eyes spitting fire and your body shaking because you’re absolutely livid with rage.

The intense emotion was very short lived, as the situation was quickly resolved, but I found myself needing to go home and sleep afterwards – something I’ve never needed to do before.

Later, when I relayed the situation to a friend, it dawned on me that I hadn’t felt this type of rage for over 2 years. No wonder my body needed to sleep in order to regenerate.. I’m no longer match fit for that kind of anger like I used to be in my heyday.

My lovely friend Catherine Plano recently interviewed me for her ‘Femmes D’Inspiration Conversation’ podcast, and one of the questions she asked was what drives me.

Had she done this even up to a year ago, the answer would have been based on a work related goal, but these days, I’m mostly driven by the desire to be happy. You can listen to our chat here.

When I ask my clients how they’d like to ‘feel’, most will respond with some version of yearning for ‘happiness or ‘peace’, and when we really break it down, this is really an extension of love and acceptance.

My intense upbringing taught me many lessons, but part of my spiritual evolution has included letting some of those learned behaviours and archetypes go.

It feels empowering to remember that sometimes the edits that we can make to ‘our story’ don’t necessarily have to be dramatic, nor does there need to be a lot of intense changes all at once.

Small and steady wins the race, but I also think that gentle and consistent can win the internal war that we can sometimes (unnecessarily) wage with ourselves.

Sending you lots of love til next time,

Patty xx

Patty Kikos Autumn Equinox Workshop

P.S. Oh and guess what?? My first kundalini yoga workshop for the year will honour the Autumn Equinox at Flow Athletic on March 18. I would absolutely LOVE to see you and your friends there, so please book in as the yoga room was packed out last time!