My dear friend, I try to encase myself in a bubble of love as much as possible, both personally and professionally, so this past weekend, I was left reeling with shock from the news of the Orlando shooting.

The fact that this level of hatred and righteousness exists is beyond belief. I grapple with the notion that someone’s life is worth nothing simply because their belief systems are contrary to our own.

It’s the reasons why countless of wars have started and continue to kill innocent people, and is also a contributing factor to the us-versus-them epidemic that continues to feed our youngsters with the illusion that we are separate.


As much as this pain and suffering has had a reverberating effect on my own heart, I am also bowled over by the love, solidarity and support for our LGBT brothers and sisters.

My work as a marriage celebrant sees me campaign tirelessly for equal marriage rights and as a humanitarian, I will never stop lobbying for this recognition to be world wide.

As a healer, I will never stop praying and sending intentional love and light. In fact I offer free healings in my private FB group every Wednesday night, so if you’d like to join and be included, you can do so via this link right here.

I have the privilege of working with wonderful people from an array of different occupations. Some of them are actors and musicians, some are quite well known and ‘famous’ (and yes, they’re just like us), some of them are head honchos in prolific corporations and some of them are in the healing arts as well.

And one thing that we all seem to have in common at some point in our journey, is the feeling that we are not enough, good enough, or cannot do enough.

Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate that the most powerful impact we can make, that packs the biggest punch, is the one that comes from a place of love and acceptance from within ourselves first.

And as seemingly simple as this may sound, and as much as we’ll get tested when we stumble and fall, returning to love will always cushion our fall.

To quote Marianne Williamson from her book A Return to Love, “In the absence of love, we began slowly but surely to fall apart.”

Here’s to us all uniting in the solidarity of love to slowly, yet surely join those pieces of union back together again.

Til next time, Patty xx

P.S. I have 3 spaces left for a 1:1 balance this week and I’ll definitely keep you posted when I have spaces in the next round of the personalised Soul Alignment program.