11-things-to-know-about-kundalini-yoga1. Your body grows stronger as each exercise is done repeatedly for 1 or up to 10 minutes and your eyes are usually closed so that you go at your own pace

2. The repetition of a targeted movement based on your body’s meridians  strengthens your nervous & glandular systems making you less prone to illness.

3. Each class is based on a chosen ‘set’ (collection of postures &  meditations) that focuses on specific areas to strengthen in your body.

4. Breath is always specified and deliberate in a Kundalini yoga class to either detox or relax you. Regulating our breath slows down our overstimulated minds so that we are less likely to feel overwhelmed.

5. Postures are designed to stimulate glandular functioning and build nerve strength so that we can breeze through life’s ups and downs

6. Mudras stimulate pressure points affecting the mind and the distribution of energy through the body so that our energy flows freely throughout our body.

7. Mantras are always used as a sound current which tunes and controls mental vibration. Chanting them expands our consciousness.

8. Body locks or bandhas are applied at the end of each exercise to help release blocks so that we don’t get tied down with the less important things in life.

9. A drishti (or a focus) is integral in each Kundalini Yoga class as it balances the hemispheres of the brain creating harmony within your central nervous system.

10. Practitioners wear white as it the only hue that combines all colours which expand your aura so that your personality shines brightly among those around you.

11. It is known as the yoga that yields the fastest results as it the only type of practice that combines every element of yoga in one class