This morning as I write to you, I do so with a heart that’s bursting with love and gratitude.

On Saturday, I spent the entire day with my first ever healing mentor from when I had attended a spiritual healing college many years ago, and on Sunday (yesterday), I spent the day celebrating my twin nephew and niece’s 3rd b’day.

It was delicious to be surrounded by so much powerful and playful Leo energy as I contemplated my intentions for today’s auspicious ‘8:8 Lions Gate’ energy portal. Astrologically, whatever is going to stir you into taking action has already started my friend.

WHY is this power portal called the 8:8 Lions Gate? 

The answer is that this name refers in part to the fact that the Sun enters into the sign of LEO at this time, and these energies are integrated into the Earth under the energy of the Lion, the Feline Energies of the Star Sirius which are fierce and proud and very regal. It also refers to the fact that around this time each year huge evolutionary stargates open that transmit ascension codes to Earth.

It also refers to the numerology of the date 8th August being the 8:8 double infinity energy, representing the energy of the Merkabah, the “As Above So Below and Within” the realisation of wholeness, oneness, re-connection to source, divine union/divine love – another characteristic of the Leo Constellation (or radical self love)! Its not surprising that every year this configuration gives to you the infinity portal escorting you past all previous limitations.


What does it actually DO?

For the purpose of keeping this as succinct as possible, can you love with the heart of a lion? Because you’re being asked to do so. Want a more ‘technical’ explanation?

OK, you asked.. The 8:8 Lions Gate Power Portal is the final of a concurrent PERFECT STARGATE TRIFECTA.  During this 8:8 moment a stargate is fully open pouring energy from the source of all at the Great Central Sun, through our Sun, The Star Sirius, the Earth Grid Point of the Sphinx and The Great Pyramid of Giza.

During this portal a wave of intense Light from the Galactic Center is being transmitted to the Earth. This ‘wave’ contains the new Light Codes for the Evolution of the Earth for the next year/cycle, and so it is known as the Planetary New Year.

We expect the light frequencies pouring in to effectively “Recalibrate” the Earths frequencies to allow for higher levels of consciousness to birth. This means, of course, that the old third-dimensional “illusion” will continue to crumble and break down.

To those who still hold to the Third Dimensional Frequency & Consciousness, it will seem as if chaos is breaking out everywhere, and they may become paranoid and angry and despairing. To those who can see and feel with the Higher Consciousness, they will see through this process, realising that  a new dawn is breaking and that a new way of life is rising, as of course, it is.”  SOURCE 

This is a great opportunity for you to be open in order to fully receive these codes, to light up your DNA, to support you to make another quantum shift and to help you in your personal growth.

Is it weird that I’ve been feeling a bit.. shit lately?

God no. You’re likely clearing out old stuff so that you can embody more light. If you’r really uncomfortable, its probably a sign that you need to support yourself a little better.

Maybe this is showing up for you in the form of body aches, sleep disturbances, stiff or aching bones and joints, dizziness, nausea, headaches, tummy upsets, bowel disturbances or even vision challenges. You might even find that in recent times, your body is no longer able to tolerate low frequency foods, alcohol or low vibrational people or activities.

I mean put it this way. Can you remember what it was like when you first started a fitness regime or when you birthed a child or when you recovered form a break up, serious illness or fall? At times, moving through power portals can be painful.

Remember that this is a time in the Earths evolution where it bathes you in a huge influx of starry ascension codes and energy to uplift and empower you to awaken you to higher levels of consciousness, so that you’re more powerfully connected to your soul.

How can I feel better?

Set an intention so that your path unfolds in a way that doesn’t overwhelm you or burden your nervous system, and ask your guides to help you integrate it with ease.

Surround yourself with like minded people – is it time to up level your tribe? Be around people who can hold the space for you right now, and if that’s just too overwhelming right now, then having time alone is equally beneficial if that’s what your soul is craving.

You may need to take some vitamins or supplements (especially Calcium and Magnesium – its great for restoring your energy Cutting down on processed foods as well as stimulants will help you in general.

Move your body in a way that feels right for you. As much as you know how I love kundalini yoga, I don’t believe that it’s the right practice for everyone, much like going to a gym isn’t right for everyone (err, especially me!). The physical exercise that you’re naturally drawn to will help you release the excess energy that you’re read to let go of.

Find your meditation. As I mentioned above, its important for you to enjoy something on your terms. In this case, it could be a long walk, or a snooze in the middle of the day, or even a dance off to your favourite tracks. A traditional meditation practice isn’t for everyone, I happen to like it because I have a monkey mind that suffers from shiny-new-object-syndrome (I’ll write about that soon).

And finally..

This gateway is about leaving behind what no longer serves you and what you no longer need. It’s like turning a page and transcending to a new level of Love and Light so that you can step into a more harmonious alignment with who you’re meant to be and what you came here to share.

Sending you so many blessings for any transition you make during this auspicious time, Patty.