I believe there’s a lot of medicine / lessons / realisations / a-ha moments that can be gained by that sense of “I’m not where I should be.”

This morning I caught myself feeling frustrated about something regarding my work, when a thought similar to “I wish that would just hurry the f*ck up and happen”floated into my field.

Immediately, I was shown scenes of my life in the (not so distant) past where it DID all happen very quickly. So quickly that I was left feeling overwhelmed, anxious and very very lost.

This is something that comes up a lot with my kinesiology clients and when we start looking at it all a little differently, it ultimately comes down to 2 things.

1. Where they ‘should’ be is based on their family’s perspective of success
2. Where they ‘should’ be is based on their own perception of success


But ultimately, many important factors haven’t been taken into consideration. Intellectually, most of us already know that our thoughts create our reality, but what about our subconscious reactions that continually send mixed messages to the Universe?

Things like “Urggh, I don’t want to go, but I will anyway.” OR “I really can’t stand so and so, but I have to go to his gathering.”

The thing about being deeply unhappy or uncomfortable is that in many situations, it’s the essential catalyst we need for change to occur in our lives.

If something or someone doesn’t really bug us, we’re less likely to want to leave the situation because it isn’t creating a big enough disturbance in our energy field.

The other pattern I notice is when I first meet someone and I ask what they want to clear and work on. The first response I get is “Oh my goodness, there’s so much going wrong – where do I start?

And almost always after we start looking at the root cause of the problem, it turn out there isn’t actually THAT much going on (even though it doesn’t necessarily feel that way). Usually the pain and discomfort has become so exacerbated that it’s starting to impact their perception on every aspect of their life.

I thought about this yesterday when I attended a brand new style of yoga class. For the past 9 months, I’ve managed to practice a modification of kundalini yoga, but I’ve needed a break from my normal haha vinyasa practice after a nasty fall last year.

In the last week, my body has felt really to explore a few more physical postures and my usually strong and graceful practice is quite heavy and clunky right now. Yesterday’s class was no exception.

The teacher described herself as an ‘Alignment Nazi’ and my usually rebellious free flow archetype was very challenged at the slower and more methodical pace, which is a nice way of saying I really freaking hated the class.

But her words of wisdom stayed with me when she reflected on her own practice of transitioning into deeper and more advanced postures. It went sometime along the lines of:

“Do less, but do it well so that your body can build the quality strength that helps you flow into the the stronger pose without you having to struggle”

I contemplated her words again this morning when that thought I mentioned earlier popped into my head,  as well as when I was reflecting on the clients I’ll be seeing this week. It feels like it was just as important for me to hear it as well as to share it.

Our timing isn’t always in sync with the Universal timing that is in our highest alignment, but that’s because the Universe is privy to all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ information that is unknown to us in that current moment of sadness / discomfort.

Wishing you all an incredible week, til next time, Patty xx

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