How do vacations sneakily become working holidays? For me personally, it seems to be a combination of bad time management and poor boundaries, so it was a huge blessing when my flight to Bali got rescheduled due to the volcanic ash cloud.

Initially, I had planned to take my laptop with me so that I could work for an hour each day, but the rescheduling of my trip has once again taught me about my work boundaries, and so I’m happy to say, it’s been a blessing to have been able to leave my computer behind.

It’s been amazing to be able to spend time in Ubud, a place that is well known for its beauty and healing properties, as well as a big yoga community and spiritually conscious expat community that is as colorful as it is spiritual.

I have felt that my physical energy back in Sydney has remained steady at about 85%, and I didn’t feel like I could get it back up to 100% without a proper rest so that I can refuel my reserve energy tank (also known as the bladder meridian in Chinese medicine).

My flight was cancelled and due the changed wind conditions that blew the volcanic ash towards Denpasar airport. I know of many people that were stranded on the opposite side and missed important work meetings and opportunities with sick babies, frayed tempers and a need for a holiday all over again.

Bali - Blessings and Boundaries

It’s easier to surrender into the old cliché of ‘everything happens for a reason’ when you’re nice and snug at home finalising last minute things. (Some of which is actually VERY exciting that I will be sharing with you very soon!!)

There’s gratitude, but then there’s GRATITUDE. Bali flights got cancelled twice so we were third time lucky. And I and I am personally very grateful for 2 things.

  1. my work is up to date. *ish*
  2. I extended my trip, so I can bask in the sun a little longer

It was interesting to watch myself slip into tax lockdown when I decided I’d get my files up to date in Sydney. Each year, I make a very half arsed promise to myself about how I’ll never leave the whole 12 months til the last minute, and at about this time each year, I’m left with the last financial year in a state of disarray.

This time, I’ve made a very soulful promise to myself NOT to do this anymore. There’s an old adage that states if you don’t know where you’ve been, you’ll never know where you’re at, so how will you know where you’re going? I’m sure the original story is much more clever than my condensed version, but it’s a work boundary I’m determined to keep this time.

I’ve been travelling with my friend Pauline who lives in Ireland. We met over a decade ago when we were both volunteering for the Salvation Army, and while having a larrikin on standby has been both hilarious and a blessing, I’ve also noticed how much I’m used to having my own space.

Pauline has found it puzzling to see me go off and meditate or do my own yoga practice and has often wondered why I don’t take a ‘spiritual break’. It’s been interesting for her to see that even while I’m on holiday, I still need to clear my monkey mind and I still regenerate my energy by spending time by myself.

She’s been inspired by kundalini yoga, especially the 40 day chakra balance e-course, and has been telling all the new friends she meets that she now loves practicing ‘cannelloni yoga.’ Given her newfound enthusiasm, I haven’t had the heart to correct her.

I on the other hand, have been newly inspired by writing, as opposed to clanking away on my keyboard. Not only have I noticed that my handwriting is steadily improving as I move away from my barely legible scrawl, but being away on retreat is inspiring me to hold the space for some retreats myself.

In fact, I’ll be doing it with my dear friend and acupuncturist Anada when I get back, and will also run one in Fiji, in November, with my lovely yogini soul sister and swimming instructor Karuna.

Watch this space for more details, but til I get back, I’m sending lots of sunny love your way. Patty xx