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CHAKRA CHATS – The Solar Plexus Chakra w Aimee Pedersen
The power in your abs vs the grunt that nobody can actually see
The Reluctant Fall into Autumn Equinox
Does your operating system need an upgrade?
When do we develop our archetypes?
CHAKRA CHATS – The Sacral Chakra with Anastasia Williams
How much have you REALLY got to give?
Unashamed Desire
The Sex Drugs n Rock n Roll Chakra
Our sadhana frees us from the stuff we no longer need to carry.
Does your crew represent ALL parts of you?
CHAKRA CHATS – The Base Chakra with Crawf Weir
How will you set the scene for a spectacular year?
See you in 2014!
Grateful. For the stuff that DIDN’T happen.
Do struggles give us street creed – or do they leave us jaded?
Repetition helps you learn, but does it get you stuck?
The power of your mind is greater than the power of your old wound
Do space invaders ever encroach your world?
I Quit Sugar. Again.
Divine Timing is Sweet
Your success depends on your ability to be.. flexible
Your pineal gland affects your mindset and your crown chakra
Your intuition, pituitary and third eye chakra
Your truth, your thyroid and the throat chakra
Seeing the same thing, with new eyes
A healthy thymus boosts your immunity & heart chakra
The power of your pancreas and solar plexus chakra
Winter Solstice Significance
Shift Your Perspective
The sacredness of your sex glands & your sacral chakra
Stress, your adrenals and the stability of your base chakra
Does your story empower you?
Your Endocrine System – Your Chakra Balance
A simple work life balance
Resolutions, Intentions & San Culpas
Discovering through De Cluttering
A message from Don Mariano Quispe
21 12 12 Transition
A 10 Minute Sun Salute Audio
The Colours in Yin & Yang
Why do we suffer? The 5 Kleshas
The trick to Prosperity?
Price vs Cost
Awkward Moments Made Simple
A Spring in Your Step
Are you right? Or righteous?
Shifting our Perception
When Our Community Changes
Winter Chills
Golden Milk
20 Health Benefits of Turmeric
Be Anyone You Want To Be
Polite Ways of Telling People to Err.. Shutup
Autumn Changes
Is Our Weakest Link Our Strength?
Embracing Our Shadow
Is a 50/50 Split Always Equal?
New Years Resolutions Yoga Style
Rest vs Party
But My Family Stresses Me!
Summer Changes
Thanksgiving – Why Are You Grateful?
Prana and Apana – the air coming in vs the air moving out
11 11 11 – Hello Aquarian Age
The Pursuit of Life Balance
Happy Halloween – time to honour our ancestors
How do we speak with our actions?
Is a daily practice important?
What triggers you?
Do affirmations really work?
10 Great Ways to Spring into a Detox
Forgiveness Heals
What’s Your Tell?
11 things to know about Kundalini Yoga