I like to think of my business as the place where yoga & healing unite & merge into chakra balance workshops & e courses. And eventhough it has undergone rebirths before, they were never quite like the one that took place after doing the Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted course with Rachel Macdonald.

10 years ago when I first forayed into the world of self-employment, I was the artist formerly known as ‘Empowered Healings’ and in the 2.0 version, I morphed into ‘Kundalini Rising’ before settling on using Patty Kikos, my name.

I found that I had nurtured my skills as a yoga teacher and healer over the years – but it seems I had blinked and missed the fact that my website, namely my blog, was now a HUGE aspect of my business, and it was in DIRE need of some lovin’.


In fact, for someone that had initially thought that having 5-10 posts might be something-fun-to-do, my fortnightly-ish newsletters that include my blog posts have now taken on a life of their own. So when I had a hunch that I’d need some external super powers to get me out of my ‘confused-ness’, the Universe presented me with Rachel Macdonald

Oh. My. God.

If we were back at school, she would be the popular school captain, while I’d represent the rat bag archetype. Rachel would probably console me about my latest suspension with her voice of reason and open heartedness, and somehow, miraculously make me feel better about myself, just like she’s done with my website.

I’ve always thought of my site as my ongoing piece of art that is never quite finished. The Bright Eyed and Blog Hearted course has taught me the indispensable value of having a solid foundation and a fun method to the madness that is in my head. Here are 7 reasons why this course is just what you’re looking for

The base chakra represents our foundations and ability to overcome stress. We have the right to be here and to have things.

Rachel has an amazing way of making everyone feel welcome and validated, irrespective of where they happen to be on their blogging journey. The foundations for the course are as thorough as they are accessible, with an endless supply of tips to manage your workflow as well as a loving interactive community that’s happy to share their vast knowledge and skills.

The sacral chakra represents our passion and creative flow. We have the right to feel and have pleasure in our lives.

Rachel’s passion and enthusiasm for blogging isn’t just contagious – it’s infectious. She has an incredible knack for building a beautiful community of like-minded blog hearts. The course has many generous interviews from successful bloggers, in addition to some indispensible resources to help you connect to a wider audience and potential collaborators.

The solar plexus chakra represents our confidence and self-identity. We have the right to act and to be an individual.

This is truly one of the most poignant aspects of how meticulously well put together the Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted course is.  You have doubts about your writing skills? Fears that your blog won’t work? You should share them with Rachel. She’ll respond with something like “I see you insecurity, and I raise you one big injection of positivity. KAPOW!” I kid you not – I have seen proof of before and after ‘About’ pages that have transformed into brilliant pieces of writing under her guidance.

The heart chakra represents our ability to be openhearted and compassionate. We have the right to love and to be loved.

Rachel also leads the course by example as its obvious that she truly LOVES what she does, and this shows in her heart felt responses to endless questions.

This woman’s capacity to love is extraordinary. Every question, every hesitation and every sense of uncertainty is matched with an inordinate amount of honour, respect, grace and humility. Among other writing, blogging and coaching skills, this online program is definitely Rachel’s specialty. She not only shows you how to love what you do, but also showers you with love as you move forward into uncertain territory.


The throat chakra represents our ability to communicate and express ourselves. We have the right to speak and to hear the truth.

The Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted course is not only crystal clear in its presentation, the content that supplies you with the tools you need to be clear with who your audience is, how to convey your message and how to be clear about optimizing your site’s pages, blog posts and images. The worksheets that help you reach out and expand your blog, ask for testimonials, organise events as well as develop your media page are out of this world.

The third eye chakra represents our ability to be intuitive and to use our imagination. We have the right to see beyond what is in front of us

It’s hard to be a visionary when you:

  • Are also a mum
  • Have another business
  • Divide your time between working ON the business and working IN the business
  • Have no clue where to start
  • Are a technophobe
  • Have a desire to blog, but no clear idea where you want to go with it

Rachel even has an infinite number of helpful ‘To Do’ checklists that you can print out in order to get you organised.

The crown chakra represents our ability to expand our consciousness. We have the right to know and to learn.

Does having a  blog seem like a big deal? If you’re not inclined to think in charts and numbers, this can seem overwhelming at first, but the #bloghearted course has this covered with easy peasy worksheets that a simpleton anyone can follow. There are templates you can tailor to suit your needs and workbooks that will encourage you to think outside the square and invite you to tap into your heart and soul.

The blogging world can be a solitary universe, and whether you’re finding your writing flow, making friends with the world of SEO, deciding on your opt in, designing your newsletter, navigating social media, organising posts, learning to collaborate, monetising your site, organising events or going pro – THIS is the online course that will make your life infinitely easier.

P.S. For those that have been asking about when my next round of chakra balance e courses will be released, the answer is a very sincere ‘soon‘. I know that we’ve done the aura, the base and the sacral so far, but I have been inspired to make some changes so that you can have access to ALL of the chakra modules at once (plus MORE meditations) – and hopefully by the end of August, you will! Thanks so much for your patience. xxxx

I try to be witty on Twitter, arty on Instagram and insightful on Facebook. This doesn’t always go according to plan, but I’d love for us to connect via my blog posts, or through my fortnightly-ish newsletters