Well hello there stranger! It feels like ages since I last wrote to you, in fact, since my last blog post, I managed to sneak away to Bali for 2 weeks and teach on a wonderful retreat that my dear friend Beata facilitated.

Do I sound nonchalant and blasé? Good. I meant to. Because the truth is, I’m much more of a creature of habit than an adventurous type, and the decision to push myself out of my comfort zone is always a very conscious one on my part.

And let me assure you, it is a push, and more often than not, it is uncomfortable.

I’m the type of friend that drives you crazy because if I like a song, I’ll play it over and over again. If you ask me for suggestions on where to meet up for lunch, I’ll suggest the same place that we’ve probably already frequented more than a dozen times.


Channeling Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction

My mum doesn’t bother asking me what I want her to cook for my b’day dinner anymore. She gave up after I lost my sh!t on the few occasions that she tried to coax me out of my stubbornness.

But birthdays aside, I know in my heart of hearts that the best kind of growth happens when we are most uncomfortable. When life isn’t running like a tight ship, and when we need to look deep within ourselves to uncover a strength we never knew existed.

And truth be told, the well oiled machine that is also my life by the beach close to all the magical people in my life who love and adore me, doesn’t give me the space to see who I really am when I’m so busy being happy and content.

It also doesn’t give me the opportunity to cross paths with people that I would never otherwise have the chance to meet. I’m so grateful to have met so many wonderful people that have inspired me with their own personal stories of strength and courage.

It’s been a privilege to be able to share such a scared space and to be able to ignite a fire within my own soul for what’s to come in the next few months. For some time now, my soul has been stirred to delve a little deeper into what I teach (and to be honest, sometimes I seriously consider reconnecting with my social work roots).

Spring is a time that’s usually associated with action and movement for me. I watch as my energy levels start to match the days that are gradually getting longer and warmer. I find myself wanting to answer a calling to be of greater service – and how that will unravel isn’t clear yet.

In the true spirit of yin and yang, with the blossoming of flowers and energy levels also comes a shadow side that we must address. The darker emotions that correspond with the liver and gallbladder meridian include frustration, anger and resentment.

The key responsibilities associated with the gallbladder and liver are decision making, determination and action.  The liver controls ability to plan one’s life, while the gallbladder controls the capacity to make decisions.

And while I’m incredibly grateful for the honour of being able to connect to so many people at once through my workshops and courses and e-course, I’d also love to know if you’d be interested in more intimate 1 day workshops that are only open to 8 participants. The idea would be to stay connected for 40 days afterwards so that you could feel supported during your transition with extra healing sessions. What do you think? I’d love to know. Til next time xx