As strange as this may sound because I’m assuming that you’re not at out sea.. but.. Do you have an anchor? I ask because during times of perilous transitions that are often masked as disappointments, I find myself seeking comfort from one of my favorite ever quotes which is:

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”


I think about it when I am re assessing a business goal, a personal relationship, an updated boundary, a new opportunity or when my body conveys a message that I’m resistant to act upon such as a headache, a sore throat or just feeling tired.


What is that thing that reminds me what my goal is?
What is that drive that can fire up my belly?
What is that value that I will not compromise?


I hear so many people say things like, ‘my husband / wife / job / friend really grounds me’, but what is becoming more and more clear to me through my 1:1 work, is that in order to reach our soul potential, our anchor needs to be independent of a relationship or a job.

Our anchor must be something that connects us to the earth, our truth, our ability to grow and expand, as well our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical evolution, irrespective of our relationships with others.

Certainly we want to maintain relationships with people who can help us maintain that feeling of being grounded, but if we’re relying on them to constantly help us find our feet or feel validated, we are plugging into an external energetic resource that will only ever deplete our own inner strength.

Do you have a strong & supportive anchor?

Ultimately, this leads to co- dependent relationships that have us relying on others for something that we should be sourcing internally such as reassuring emotional support or regular financial sustenance.

And similar to a well-defined boundary, an anchor is something that needs regular re assessing and redefining – kind of like an edit to a story.

It’s not something that is set in stone or needs to be shaped in one particular way forever, after all, ever heard of that expression that describes the feeling of ‘being weighed down by someone or something?’

Spiritually, this is usually indicative of us having outgrown our anchor via our attachment to things such as:

  • That job
  • That relationship
  • The way we look
  • What we earn
  • Where we live
  • Where we come from

About 4 months ago on my birthday, I sat in sacred ceremony and set some intentions for what I wanted to create, manifest and evoke in my current personal year.

And I gotta say that for the most part, it’s been an awesome first third of the year for me but last week, as I sat in reflection regarding one of my (considerably less ‘successful’) goals, I can’t tell you how relieved I was to have access to the understanding of how important my personal anchor is.

In the past, the character traits that I’d be likely to exhibit without a clear anchor connection were things like:

  • Taking things oh so personally & subsequently being egocentric
  • Losing the will to live after a succession of disappointments
  • A disconnection to my inner and outer soul alignment
  • Unclear boundaries with my words, intentions and relationships
  • Withdrawal from community, friends and support systems
  • A victim mentality or an ‘us-versus-them’ consciousness
  • A feeling of being inadequate, not enough or not good enough

As a tribute to the first new moon for the second half of the year, I’d like to invite you to contemplate what keeps you anchored.

What is your purpose in life?
Why are you here?
What does your purpose remind you to do to maintain this energy on a daily basis?

And if you stumble, what holds you upright so that you don’t fall, or if you do trip up, what can you use as leverage to haul yourself up again?

I think of this often, as my mission is to show you how to light up your soul and find the medicine that comes from your shadow, but in order for me to be able to do this for you, I must first make sure that I can do it for myself, especially in my darker moments.

Til next time, Patty xx