I’m so excited to announce that I’ve added another string to my bow via my brand new Chakradance qualification!

Chakradance is a dance practice for the soul. It is about reconnecting back to our true essence or true self with the intention to honor the work of the soul. To tap into that deeper part of us and hear what it has to say.

I’ll be running Chakradance workshops and retreats to help your journey inwards. Along with the transformative quality of kundalini yoga and meditation, we’ll be using spontaneous dance, specific music, guided imagery and mandala art to journey through the chakra system.

It pays homage to the work I do via my chakra balance 1:1 sessions, courses and workshops. It also pays tribute to some of the Jungian philosophy I had studied when I worked as a counselor in the social work field.

A beautiful part of each Chakradance journey (which I have also incorporated into the 40 day e-courses) is the opportunity to create your own healing mandala, and this takes place at the end of each class.

patty-kikos-chakradanceSome of the energy healing sessions that I share with clients also incorporates some archetypal healing that is similar to some of the Jungian principles I’ve been blessed to rediscover.

The calling for the work that I’ve been inspired to do lately has beckoned me to go a lot deeper into the healing realm via retreats and other healing workshops. The dance aspect will be very different to the specific instruction I used to teach in the samba and salsa world.

Ecstatic dance is a form of free-flow movement & dance. It is the art of letting go and self-expression, and helps you to drop out of your busy head into your body, and experience your own personal and divine rhythm. Often this kind of practice can be used as a tool in our self development and healing.

Among other earth centred practices that I already use in my personal sadhana (such as drumming), the Chakradance experience is something that I’m really excited about sharing – I hope you are too!