My dear friend, I greet you on the morning before a big lunar eclipse with the intention to share with you all the things I’ve researched about this potent astrological time that can potentially help you shed some light.

But the words seem to be flowing in an entirely different direction, and I can’t help but feel relieved. My mind rationalizes this decision by telling me that there are plenty of things that you can Google yourself, but really, it’s the reprieve I feel in my physical body that assures me that I’m most likely on the right path.

The lessons I’m learning these days are all about making sure that what is in my head is being matched by how my body feels. This year, there have been too many instances when my belief systems have over ridden how my body has actually been feeling, so I’ve found myself in misaligned situations as a result.

It’s a theme I see recurring for many of my clients as well when I scan their energy centres where their crown chakra is much more dominant than their heart centre. This causes us to bully or talk ourselves into being OK with situations that are really not in our highest alignment.

Part of our spirituality and growth, is about meeting people where they’re at – not where we WANT them to be and this can be very hard to do so, especially when our energy is drained or depleted.

When we are sensitive, we often go through a rite of passage where we can feel like we don’t fit in, or that we are misunderstood, in order to learn:

  • to trust our inner guidance
  • to generate our energy from within instead of relying on others opinions of us
  • to change family dynamics by leading by example – in a subtle way

An Ancient Buddhist teaching which I find to be timeless and so applicable in today’s society, is that the greatest cause of suffering, is the constant desire for things (or people) to be different.

When we try to change (or reason) with others who are draining our energy, essentially, we throw ourselves further off our own alignment. One of the best ways to cope when dealing with difficult people, is to apply the 3 thirds rule.

  • The idea behind this is that a third of the world will love you no matter what you do and will follow you wherever you will go.
  • The second third are indifferent towards you. They may or may not necessarily even remember your name or anything about you.
  • The last third will never like you, no matter what you do or what you say and you will mostly be misunderstood, misrepresented and your actions will be misconstrued.

So wanting to be liked by everyone is really wasting your time, energy and spiritual resources on two thirds of the world that are never really going to resonate with you in the first place.

Once you are aware of this concept, your reactions to hurtful situations can help you define which of the 3 thirds impacted you, but before you do this, remember that you will reap the most benefit by applying this from a place of neutrality, non judgement – just curiosity, kindness and compassion towards yourself.

If you judge yourself for being bad, wrong, incompetent or too sensitive, you’ll end up opening a portal where you’ll end up swallowing a bitter pill, instead of the healing tonic from your medicine elixir (also known as your lesson).

When we experience a trauma such as being bullied, not feeling supported and then taking on energies that are not our frequencies to embody, our auric fields can become misaligned so that we’re less inclined to feel confused about what we think and how we feel (this is common when our auric fields move into a frequency that is not their own vibration – I call it a perimeter breach).

Once we identify where our trigger has stemmed from, (often from people that are in our 3rd third), we gain precious insight into the situation that can help us prevent it from re occurring.

As a fellow highly sensitive, yet at times gregarious empath, my invitation to you as the only ‘job’ you’ll ever have to do, is ask yourself everyday, how do you want to feel? And then take action that honours that particular emotion, every single day.

The Universe will always reflect how we FEEL, as opposed to what we think, that’s why our emotions leave a stronger imprint within our aura than our thoughts, which by nature are much more fleeting.

In order to attract what you want, FIRST you match its vibration so that it can effortlessly align with you, versus you feeling like you need to push shit uphill. See, you don’t really want to program your cellular memory with the program that ‘life will be better when..’

Then you’re coming from a place of ‘lack’ and won’t be vibrating at the consciousness that will energetically ‘match’ that which you desire. When God / Goddess / The Universe / Universal Consciousness / Great Spirit looks down at us, they see light, much like we do when we look up.

And they want to help us manifest by matching the light we are emanating. This very light is a reflection of how we feel, as opposed to what we think, for our thoughts are actually quite fleeting and don’t leave as strong an imprint on our auric field as our feelings do.

The thing is, from that far away, it is very difficult to decipher whether that light is a feeling that is a trigger, or a desire. From that distance, its just light.

So your only ‘job’ for the rest of your life, is to BE the frequency that you want. How do you do that? By asking yourself and checking in with how you wanna feel EVERY SINGLE DAY, SEVERAL TIMES A DAY. Forever. But lets start with now.

Your objective is to get yourself into a big vibrational state based on what your soul needs and how you want to feel. When you feel happy, you expand. When you expand, you have the capacity to download so much from your Inner Source.

And I truly believe that THAT is what the world needs more of! In 3 weeks from today, I’ll be on retreat with some beautiful souls who will be sharing a very scared space with me. A few spots have opened up, so if this calling speaks to you, I’d love to share the space with you as well.

Sending you oodles of lunar eclipse magic and LOVE,

Patty Kikos