I don’t know that much about the Law of Attraction, other than the basics, so when I heard that Esther Hicks would be coming to Sydney, I jumped at the chance to see her.

Esther is an American inspirational speaker and author. She has co-authored nine books with her husband Jerry Hicks, presented numerous workshops on the law of attraction with Abraham Hicks Publications and appeared in the original version of the 2006 film The Secret. The Hicks’ books, including the best-selling series The Law of Attraction, are — according to Esther Hicks — ‘translated from a group of non-physical entities called Abraham.’ Hicks describes what she is doing as tapping into ‘infinite intelligence.’ (Source – Wikipedia)

Esther came on stage and exuded a friendly and humorous receptive mode

. After working through some sound hiccups where some audience members couldn’t hear her, she joked that she’s love to tell us what to expect, except she wasn’t sure what was going to happen. We were encouraged to ask questions and I managed to jot down some of her ‘translations’.


Image by Michael Cuffe


It’s good to come together for co-creating. When your desire feels good to you – it means you’re not offering a belief or introducing a belief that gets in the way of your own desire.

When it feels like your desire is slow or uncomfortable when you think about it – it means your thoughts are introducing resistance and allowing you to be in a state of allowing and in receptor mode

Since our thought is vibrational, your thoughts matter. If thoughts are frivolous – it affects everything hat comes to you because you are an extension of thought energy.

Your emotional guidance system is imp because the fullness of who you are will flow to you.. your focus – the source within you has a perspective about it. When it’s a good match – you’re in what is known as ‘receptive mode’.

You being in receptive mode is the art of allowing. The art of matching your thought at that moment with thought your inner being has about the subject.


For most of us – if we have a desire for what we want – what trips most people up is their constant awareness of current conditions.

Any changes you want to make cant be made coz your vibration is about what currently is. Let go about what is so there’s room for what you want. Eg lack of money – want more. Break loose of current reality so that it can change.

We didn’t come to face reality – we came to create reality.

The source within you knows where you stand in relationship to what you want and knows what the path of least resistance is to bring you from where you are to what you’re wanting

The path of least resistance – it’s that sweet zone between knowing what you want and then placing yourself in that vibrational proximity.

Don’t worry about the resistance that comes up. It doesn’t matter because it’s only the active beliefs that are in your way – those repeating beliefs are keeping you from getting what you want.

In saying that, nothing needs to be eliminated. Instead, focus on what you want. So you manifested someone that wasn’t exactly who you wanted? The likely reason for this is that you weren’t ready for what you called for. Like when you ask for a mate and the opposite of what want comes to you. Why? Because you were focused on what you had instead of what you wanted.

I love that one of the messages that came through was “Don’t push it and try to make it happen before you’re vibrationally up to speed.” It’s something I say a lot to my clients when they remark that they wish they were in a relationship. I often respond by saying – “yes, but in this current state where you feel worthless, what kind of man are you likely to attract?” 

Your relationship with your inner being matters the most. Tend to that first and then the way others are behaving towards you will be a wonderful reflection.

What beliefs about relationships do you hold? What thoughts are you thinking when you feel the wobble? Don’t you want to deliberately line up with your desires first before launching them?

The relationship you want aint coming now because you aren’t a vibrational match to the relationship u want. The way to get there is to get there unconditionally beforehand. Stop noticing what is or isn’t about it. Feel the un-condition of being happy and loved. Be love FIRST.



Step 1 – ask for what you want

Step 2 – your source will answer as it becomes the vibrational equivalent of what you asked for as it emanates a signal

Step 3 – care about how you feel – reach for good feeling thoughts as you become an allower of your own experience.This is where you deliberately adjust your frequency – the deliciousness of that deliberateness is intoxicating

Step 4 – you have become addicted to feeling good. You like feeling clear, having fun and being appreciated so you line up for the things that make you feel good, You deliberately point yourself in the direction of what feels good. You become an an allower of that allowing mode – your beliefs match your desires.

And wait for it – my favorite..

Step 5 – you’re no longer mad at yourself when you’re back in step 1


Expectation means that your desire and beliefs are in the same place. You don’t have to talk about it all the time – but you don’t have to talk against it either. How do you expect something that hasn’t been happening? You have to find some way to put what is – where it belongs.

What is doesn’t matter – because it doesn’t have to be the active vibration. How do you focus forward instead of backward? Put reality where it belongs – in the past tense. Its not where the energy / fun or new ideas are.

Everything you want is because you believe you will feel better after having it.

So ask yourself – what’s the feeling I want? How about we focus on embodying feeling first?

  • So how does you feeling unworthy play out in a moment?
  • How did you get there? Eg I don’t have the assets / success / money that I want?
  • Did you compare yourself to someone else or to dreams and desires that are unfulfilled?
  • Do you believe you’re an extension of source energy?
  • Do you believe that source energy has an opinion of you?

If you could catch a glimpse of the role you play in the eternal expansion of this universe – you’d never have a negative feeling of yourself or anyone else ever again. You’re here giving birth to the ‘more’ so it can rise to the ‘becoming’!

But as human we have bogus inferiority and comparison to each other isn’t helping. Don’t care about what others think – humans are fickle – but your true source is not.

There is so much out there for you, but if you’re not in the receptive mode, you won’t find it. If you’re using it as an excuse to feel mad / sad/ vulnerable – you’re using it differently to how source is using it.

When you explain why you are where you are, you are explaining why you’re not in the receptive mode, ie ‘Market is down, boss doesn’t appreciate me etc’

The existing condition is not what you want – it’s limiting you. Your inner being is always looking from where you are towards forward. Its never looking back and justifying shit. Why would you explain why you’re here when ‘here’ is not where you want to be?

Your current representations are not representing you well at all. Your potential is far greater. Your vortex has endless desires so long as you stay in the receptive mode. Pure Desire doesn’t have angst. When it’s allowed to flow – its unbridled awareness of how blessed you are. It’s the difference between the genie offering you 3 wishes or offering you unlimited wishes.



Set an intention to look at the world through the eyes of source each day. Focus on what makes you feel good so that you start to feel better each day.

You don’t need to change it all at once – do one thing at a time. You want incremental steps. You’re only down on yourself when you’re not letting yourself be yourself. That’s the frustration – you’re beating the ‘Im not good enough drum’

Desire – where does it come from? Why is it so strong? It’s born out of contrast and variety and grows out of The Law of Attraction. You only notice it when it has gathered momentum.

Only when you’re in receptive mode do you tune in to that desire. It’s a creation you’ve created that you’ve found a way to be up to speed with. Your beliefs are preventing you from it. You are a creator. You have created a vibrational something – you focus on your desire – not the opposite ie your fears.

It will keep thrilling you as it did when you first noticed it.

Desire doesn’t appear – its always there when you’re in receptive mode. Desires are not just about manifestation – its about the joyous journey – your thoughts matter a lot as they are the reason for the way you feel and the way you feel is your resonance with who you really are – or not.

Remember – the universe doesn’t see big things or little things – it sees resistance and non-resistance. Focus on the emotion you’ll feel when you live the reality you desire. Find a way to be happy BEFORE the manifestation has occurred..


People love to talk about their biggest struggle or their biggest issue. Why give so much attention to the thing that isn’t working? You’re thinking of it in its current non-fulfilled state of being.

If you’re hungry – you’ll enjoy your meal more – but you don’t want to be emaciated – you don’t want to be desperate for food, right?

Why aren’t you a vibrational match to your own desire? When you are you have empowerment clarity and love. Because the desire hasn’t manifested –you stand in explanation as to why it hasn’t happened.

What are you trying to defend? Who are you comparing yourself to? When you do that you feel uncomfortable because you have parted ways with your power,/ path / unfolding/ becoming who you are

Your inner being likes you as you are; knowing there is constant manifestation on your doorstep. You can’t do that if you feel incomplete about something you haven’t ‘achieved’.

Remember your sweet zone. It’s the place between where you launch your desire and were you are now – the journey has the potential to be a wonderful experience.

It’s so important that you feel good every step of the way on your journey, because the deliciousness of the creative process can help you express yourself in that worthy fullness.