How intense was the Sydney storm over the weekend?

I’m so grateful to the incredible people that volunteer their time for the emergency services because I know that they were inundated with calls for help and are still catching up to with the backlog.

I had several carefully placed buckets around the house as my roof started leaking (YIKES!), but for the most part, stayed nice and dry – and more to the point – SAFE!


I watched the shit out of Netflix (I binged and completed Narcos Series 1 – how intense!), read lots of books, slept more than I have in a L O N G time and reaped the benefits of my stay-cation.

As always, I feel refreshed and blessed to have a fresh perspective after giving myself permission to simply stop and relax.

And I’ve noticed a few things. I’ve noticed that my old habit of stopping to rest AFTER finishing a project has come back to visit me.

Instead of stopping to rest because I’m tired, or uninspired, or feel like I have to push more than what is necessary, I ‘allow’ myself to rest only after my task is completed.

Crazy, right? It goes against the very nature of my creativity and it puts a condition on not only my connection to my body and its messages, but also on my birthright to regenerate.

Initially, my desire to create something new stirs an emotion of excitement, but sometimes, along the way, I get swept up in a emotions that can turn into a false sense of urgency if I don’t catch myself.

patty-kikos-sam-nolan-smithMy friend Sam talked about this a bit in one of our chakra chats and I’m inspired by her words “There are very few times in my working year when anything is genuinely urgent..”

We joked that perfectionists and type A personalities always seem to have a sense that everything is always urgent and although I think this is true, I also think that there are other things that get in the way, namely a disconnection to our true soul alignment.

I believe that our cellular memory has the power to heal and regenerate, and with every new breath, intention and spiritual application, we also have the power to transform our outdated belief systems and patterns.

But have you noticed that it’s also just as easy to form an unhelpful habit? And how uncannily similar the feelings of excitement, fear and adrenalin are? The Sydney storms taught me a lot about what’s REALLY urgent versus my old perfectionist attributes taking over my work life.

Now that I’ve created so much more space (in my head), this week is starting to feel better already! Oh and before I head out to get my roof fixed, my brand new program called SOUL ALIGNMENT – an 8 week 1:1 transformation has a few spaces left.

Til next time, Patty xx