At the start of each month and in conjunction with the new moon, I always sit in a deep healing meditation that gives me the opportunity to send reiki healing to my loved ones, as well as to everyone that is a client on my mailing list.

I’ve been doing this for a while now and it has recently occurred to me to share some of the healing messages that I receive with you as well.

Sometimes I go through each chakra with several reiki symbols, at other times through the different layers of the aura, or sometimes I’m guided to chant or to perform a specific energy healing technique.


“This July Reiki Healing and Energy Balance is for anyone from my tribe who feels aligned with the messages, sacred symbols and frequency of this healing. I ask that it be delivered and received via the highest possible vibration, assimilation and integration process. I call upon the healing transmission that is aligned in the perfect way at the perfect time and in accordance with their highest soul alignment. I ask that this healing amplifies feelings of stability, flow, courage, love, expression, insight, connection and ease. And so it is.”


Tonight (4 July) we welcome a brand-spanking new moon in the cardinal sign of Cancer. I love how this sign is symbolised by the crustacean that has a hard shell but is tender and soft on the inside.

This is a time where we are being reminded to take care of ourselves in the southern hemisphere because even though the days are gradually starting to get a little longer, it is still the season of hibernation that is vital when it comes to regenerating our energy

Temperature wise, this past week has been the coldest month in Sydney with a coolness that was delivered a little later than it usually appears in prior years, and will remain as such for the next 6 – 8 weeks.

The full moon on the 20th will give you the opportunity to allow the ripeness of your deep emotions to bloom, as well as give you an opportunity to process and release the dark energies that no longer serve your life purpose.

Is there a wound that you’ve been holding on to? Some sort of ending that impacted you? An illness that changed your entire physical orientation? A death (either of someone or a part of you) that you are still grieving.

Is the identity that you used to define that period in your life still valid? Does it need an update? A rewrite? Some form of letting go?

Remember that before you can step into the next phase of your life with whatever intention you may be harboring in your heart, you must first create the appropriate space for your new goal to land effortlessly.

July Reiki Healing & Energy Balance

Whether this is a physical clearing or an emotional release, your soul will then be attuned to an energetic vibration to receive effortlessly and without any unnecessary hustle.

This is not the time to succumb to pressure to transform something, especially if the space you’re coming from is a place of fear. When there is fear, there is no clarity and when there is no clarity we become reactive and eventually deplete our energy reserves.

Remember that if something is ‘not working’, its usually because your inner world is not aligned with your outer world – remind yourself of this in a loving gentle way instead of staying stuck in that feeling of discouragement, crankiness or even irritability.

Most of us have reached a phase in our spiritual evolution where we no longer thrive on stress and pressure the way we used to, not only because we are getting older, but because our nervous system is so fraught with being constantly over used and under replenished.

Astrologically and energetically, these last few years have also felt like they have been ‘speeding up’. Since moving through the 11.11.11 portal a few years ago, we have officially moved into the Age of Aquarius, and with this new consciousness comes an enormous (and often uncomfortable) transition.

Our sensitivity has heightened, as has our yearning to heal and be of service, as has our capacity to be intuitive.

In order to be able to host this kind of frequency in our subtle energy bodies, we must ensure that that our physical bodies, thoughts, emotions and energy channels are as clean and devoid of any heavy clogging as possible.

I would absolutely love to hold the space for you shift this through your own personalised Soul Alignment sessions. Til next time my friend.