There were many reasons that inspired me to leave the world of social work behind. Caroline Myss (pronounced mace) is probably one of the bigger contributing factors, if not my greatest inspiration at the time.

Shitty pay, never ending red tape, ongoing policy reviews and the fact that I felt like I was perpetuating a vicious cycle with my clients instead of helping them forge a more empowered path are some other reasons.

But I digress, because I frantically took notes during her workshop on Saturday, and really wish to share her medicine with you. I’m so grateful to the Wake Up Project for bringing her to my hometown in Sydney.

Before I begin, I want to share that there were a few books that not only changed my perception of the world and myself, but are still integral in my teachings and in the one on one work that I do with my clients and if you’re reading this and are drawn to my teachings, the I highly recommend them for you as well.

patty-kikos-caroline-myssAnatomy of the Spirit explains the underlying reasons why people sabotage their own healing

Sacred Contracts explains how the understanding of the 12 archetypes is essential in not only understanding ourselves, but how we relate to others.

Energy Anatomy decodes how your biography becomes your biology and how you can regain your power by energetically diagnosing yoursel

Invisible Acts of Power highlights how giving to others balances your vital energy system and sustains optimum health

Over the years, I guess you could say that I undertook my own study / journey or apprenticeship of sorts with the work of this soulful divine scholar. I’m blessed to share the words she shared on Saturday with you:


They freakin’ hurt – irrespective of whether they have a little ‘w’ or a big ‘W’.

At this point, Caroline shared a light hearted story of how she and her older brother decided to get rid of her baby brother because life was great before he came along and took up so much of their mama’s time. It was one of the few times she ever got in trouble, and even though she and her family laugh about it now, she still remembers that sinking scary feeling of being in big trouble.

And while the wound never goes away, it does become like the dragon you need to learn to control. Why? Because life is too precious.


Remember every anchor you use – shouldn’t let you lose your power. If the anchor makes you feel enraged – if your energy gets drained – then this becomes psychic weight. And if you animate it and it pulls energy from you – it converts to time and your relationship to the speed at which time passes and is crated in your psyche and to your capacity to relate to the law of synchronicity a be co incidence.

There comes a point in your life where you have an opportunity to make a change – and that’s when you decide ‘this is my moment – I can feel it’

The person that doesn’t have excess psychic weight (baggage) will generally say Yes! Let’s do this – now!’ They will act on synchronicity – all the pieces feel right and they don’t hesitate.

But if you have psychic weights attached to you, you’ll say things like ‘I gotta think about it’, ‘what if I fail?’ ‘What about if this happens with that person?’

carolyn-myss-quoteWhat you’re actually doing is referring to your past and by looking backwards will walk in the wrong direction, and therefore do nothing and go nowhere.

You are so magnetized to what you call ‘past’ and keep thinking you have no opportunity and that nothing changes. This is exactly the same pattern that makes healing difficult.

But if you turn to energy medicine – the reality is that you don’t have enough energy to make energy medicine effective, as it requires more of your energy in present time, and if most of your energy is being invested in the past then you’re still lamenting why things didn’t happen as they ‘should’ have. That will get you nowhere. Fast.


Everything is a negotiation of power – the way you decide what to eat, what to wear, how you view or judge a person – you make that assessment because you’re assessing the type of power they have.

You’re translating that into a pattern that is defined by a label we’ve come to recognize as a society. We do it in a way that uses a word that radiates that power – a label or an archetype.

Power – you know exactly when you’re withholding power from someone. You may not be aware that everything counts. At the microcosmic level – when you’re just a soul upon the descent when everything is all truth before you squeeze yourself in a bottle – truth isn’t disseminated – this is the anatomy of the soul.

The soul knows because it was constructed to know this. Your choice is whether it big you want you honour it – the law doesn’t distinguish it’s effectiveness by the size if what you choose.

Your power is in your humbleness – why? Because if you understand what your spirit needs, as well as your place within the structure of life, you adapt a humbleness about your self and life.

Because stewing on how things ‘should have been’ and how ‘t isn’t fair’ is arrogant as your arrogance doesn’t serve you. Arrogance is the root cause of many illnesses.


LEVEL ONE – The Physical Level – chakras 1,2 and 3 has its own type of consciousness. You live in a world of 5 senses and essentially your consciousness is all about physical survival – you are not rational in this world. In this consciousness it is fight or flight – me first. It’s your lowest level.

LEVEL TWO – The Energy Level – chakras 4, 5, 6 and 7. You can’t see this world or its power as it has to do with your emotions. You choose to be insulted / offended and will tell everyone what happened today. Coz I decided years ago that nobody would use that tone w me. It has devastated me. Except the only place this tone exists is between your ears – in your head – not in the outside world.

LEVEL THREE – The Grace Level – chakras 8,9 and 10. This is where archetypal patterns exist that everyone is assigned – when we incarnate we are governed by the laws of the impersonal law. The divine is law – as above so below.

The nature of life is that change is constant – pain starts when you want life to be other than the way it is.

If you go to extremes in your own nature – you have to go to the other extreme to bring yourself back to balance. Think back to how you dated someone that was extreme in one particular way, and then your next partner was extreme in the opposite way, but ultimately, who you ended up with is someone in the middle

The power is within you – simply by checking your choices. Ask yourself – What have I done that puts me where I am? If you have the power to make choices that screw you up, you have he power to get yourself out of this mess.

My favorite thing about her workshop, is also possibly my favorite part about her teachings that relate to the importance of understanding our archetypes. Consider, for example, the ways in which we now talk about ourselves or introduce ourselves.  At workshops, for instance, people will often introduce themselves to her as a ‘Healer’ or a ‘Psychic’.

All of these are ‘archetypal power’ terms.  When someone tells me, “I am a Psychic”, for example, that person is not just using a ‘word’. That individual is clearly communicating an entire set of ‘archetypal power myths’ with which she intimately identifies. From these myths come her sense of power and authority in the physical world.

Myss says ‘In fact, when I bring up the word, “archetype”, many find it difficult to understand what I am talking about. Yet, they are “speaking archetype fluently”.  I find that to be the case almost consistently these days with people.Why do we feel this compulsion to let people know who we are by our archetypes, even if we don’t realize that’s what we’re doing?  Not only are archetypes universal patterns of behavior and myths that everyone just automatically recognizes.  They are, in their own way, conscious. We connect to the power inherent in the myths they hold for us.  When we tell someone that we are a Healer, we are simultaneously visualizing everything or everyone we associate with the Healer archetype. We are projecting those images onto the person we are speaking to in that moment, hoping that individual will “see” all of that success in us, and thus respond to us with the same awe and respect.  This micro-micro-micro second of association-projection is usually unconscious, moving faster than the speed of light through a person’s subterranean unconscious.  And yet, this one story of the famous Healer that inspired this individual could well be the most potent “myth” operating in that individual’s entire psyche.  Break that myth – that is, tell her that she does not have what it takes to be as great a healer as that other person – and her whole world might come tumbling down.  Such is the power of our myths, our archetypes, and our attachment to their power and authority in our lives’.

I find it so interesting, especially as I do so many different things for a living, and depending on where I am, often change what I say when the inevitable ‘So what do you do for a living?‘ question comes up. Do you ever do that as well?