repetition-patty-kikos-kundalini-yoga-meditation-healing-chakra-balanceA few months back I attended a seminar to help me revise some of the skills I use with my healing clients. It ran over 4 days and I remember the 1st day being particularly uncomfortable because of a glitch in the air conditioning system that rendered the entire conference room FREEZING.

During the day, we were encouraged to submit notes and to ask questions or share feedback. On the 2nd day the facilitator shared our various responses and remarked, “I couldn’t help but notice that many of you had complained about the high temperature.” We all nodded enthusiastically and mumbled about how freezing the day before had been.

Did you share this with the people around you?

YES we all agreed

Did they agree with you?

YES we all agreed

Did you keep repeating your complaints throughout the day?

YES we all agreed

And did this change their life in any way?

ERR we muttered incoherently and less enthusiastically

So then why did they need to keep hearing it?

SILENCE – you could have heard a pin drop.

As a kid, I remember repeating my times tables til I learned them off by heart. As an adult, I did this when I lived in Italy and couldn’t remember how to conjugate irregular verbs. Repetition was my best friend.

It helped. For the most part. I still use my fingers when I need to complete simple math problems, but if you ask me what 7 x 8 is, I’ll tell you that its 56 without batting an eye. That had always been a bugger for me to remember for some reason.

As adults and lovers of all things entertaining, most of us have developed a penchant for story telling. This makes for avid discussions and re telling of events.

It can also mean that you get stuck in the same part of your story for a long time. Changing your story means you get to change the role you play, and the second best part about this, is you get to change the role that other people play as well.

The best part? You get to reclaim your own power. Well known astrologer Jonathan Cainer says that when people he meets for the first time find out what he does, they tend to ask the same question. “Can I change my destiny?”

He says that he’s formed an articulate response over the years that goes something like “Your destiny is like a good book. It’s only going to be a good read so long as the book has had a good edit.”

Until the next edit, Patty xx