Patty-Kikos-shift-your-perspective-yoga-teacher-energetic-healer-chakra-balanceI don’t make resolutions just at the beginning of the year. My life is so busy that I’m likely to get swept up by the chaos in my mind and forget about my goal by February. Besides, I do most of my meditations for 40, or sometimes up to 90 days and I find that after completing each one, something profound has shifted within me.


I notice this also happens at the end or at the beginning of each season. It’s time for reflection. It’s time to make changes. It’s time to de clutter my life. Its time to call some cleaners in for a good spring clean, especially as my home is also my office.

I also notice that each particular season comes with an emphasis on purging contents from a certain area of my life. This winter, it’s the unnecessary crap on my computer and smartphone. In autumn, it was some toxic relationships; last summer it was the books on my bookshelf and the endless paperwork stuffed in my filing cabinet.

Last weekend, I taught a yoga class during sunrise as part of a morning practice organised by Lululemon called ‘Shift your Perspective’. The idea was to welcome the opening of their new store and the new winter month with a coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte while letting go of what you no longer wish to be connected to.

It was a fabulous idea that turned into an incredible morning that I was truly honoured to be part of.  The concept of doing something so ceremonious was poignant, especially with the combined efforts of so many other people doing the same during such an auspicious part of the day.

It got me thinking about those moments that we let go, and how closely they’re related to our crown chakra. Sometimes they’re profound times marked by pain and upheaval. At other times, it’s during a yoga class or an energetic healing session, but more often than not, it’s during a simple moment when you decide to go for what you want and commit to making it happen.

I realised how lucky I am to be a yoga teacher and energetic healer who gets to witness such amazing personal triumphs. After 10 years of teaching, these transformations still inspire me and still continue to teach me so much about myself. To those that constantly shift their perspective, I salute you, and love hearing your stories. Keep them coming both on and off the mat. With love always, Patty xx


Nicole and I shifting our perspective during the Lululemon event